Supporting this site

I wish there was a button always visible (like where the ad banner is now - not replacing it but always visible in the same way) that I could hit.

So when I looked for something, I eventually found a thread explaining how to be a paid subscriber. I like that option and want in but I don’t want to use PayPal (I’ll forget to fund it, etc.) Is there a name/address where I can send a check? Or an option to use my Visa? Many sites have such a button that you can hit with your Visa and they label it “Tip Jar”. Just a thought. This is just a big pretty please make it easy for us to help you.

Along those lines - let’s all remember to support this site. If you can’t give financially, share a link with somebody!! Post here every day (traffic helps). Set yourself a quota to compliment someone or do 10 likes or something. We need this place and the people working hard to make it deserve our support!!

(No one asked me to post this - I just feel strongly about it.)

@Admin - if none of these options work, please PM me your PayPal address and I’ll push something your way while I know some funds are there. Thank you.

I like to call it “Pump up the Volume!” We build this site together, and it will be what we make of it.

@runner5 - When I click on “Archive Forum” to see the original OurUnraveled (which I now think of as a prototype for this expanded OurUnraveled forum)…
and I scroll to the bottom of the archived page, I still see the tiny Donate button. Looks like it is still active.

(No one asked me to post this, either… - I just feel strongly about it, too… whether viewed as walking the talk… putting our money where our mouth is… or rolling up our sleeves to ensure success for the underdogs.)


@qfknit @runner5 Actually - you don’t need to go to the old website - there is the same “donate now” button on THIS homepage - when you click on it it brings you to paypal, and gives you the option to use a credit or debit card. :slight_smile:

@Char - Great tip, thanks for sharing.
BUT… I could not find it.

So I took a methodical approach… [INDENT]Clicked on GROUPS, scrolled to bottom of page… no luck.
Clicked on ARTICLES, scrolled to bottom of page… nope, don’t see it here, either.
Clicked on PROJECT BLOGS, scrolled to bottom of page… still not find it.
Clicked on FORUMS… scrolled to bottom of page… BINGO.[/INDENT]

I see the DONATE button exists, but not on each page… the rare and elusive opportunity to give back

Now I have a better understanding of @runner5 's wish to have the DONATE button “always present.”
While looking for the DONATE button, one can easily get distracted by a number of interesting new posts… and forget their quest.
Time flies and then soon it is time to address other activities and commitments…

Thank you all so much; I appreciate that you really understood what I was trying to say.

@qfknit - You nailed it for me. I have good intentions but I really need that button in my face!!

I must be blind - I don’t see it! It’s probably in the most obvious place ever but I honestly don’t see it. I’m on my laptop if that matters.

@runner5 - Try the main page of FORUMS… do not click to select any forum… scroll to the bottom… all the way down… lower left-hand side!

Thanks to @Char I found it.

Here’s how to get to it – Click on the vBulletin icon at the top of this page. It will take you to the home page. Then scroll down to the bottom and it’s there - exactly as I wished for.

@Admin - please consider moving that button to the top or perhaps a top sidebar. It would also be great if we could always see it no matter what we’re doing on the site (blogging, posting, uploading pictures, etc.) Thank you!!!
eta: right above the search bar at the top??

I did find, it works easily and again - a big thank you for your work!

Glad you found it! :slight_smile:

I haven’t put it in a really noticeable place because I didn’t really want to be asking for handouts. It kind of goes against who I am but I appreciate people wanting to support the site and it’s definitely helped us grow faster. I’m hoping between advertising and the marketplace and memberships here we can be self sustaining.