Suggestions Beginner Fair Isle Sweater Pattern

Hi All,

I would appreciate some suggestions as to names of different user-beginner-friendly stranded color-work sweater Patterns. I’m not a beginner knitter but I’ve had very little color work projects. Any ideas?
Thank You in advance…:heart_eyes::+1:t3:

Hello and welcome to FiberKind! :slight_smile:

I have only done stranded knitting in socks, and I have never successfully knit a sweater, but I’m betting someone better than I can lend a hand. I just wanted to say welcome!

@jimmersgal - welcome.
A few questions:

  • are you looking for a pullover or a cardigan…?
  • for yourself or someone else…?
  • do you prefer motifs such as flowers, pine trees, snowflakes, or geometric designs…?
  • or are you seeking a variety, to publish as a curated list…?

@qfknit Hi there,
im so new here I don’t even know how to reply…:joy: I’m looking for a pullover.
im not kidding when I say I’m a beginner colorwork knitter.
I am not comfortable at this point with multiple colors. 2-3 I think I could handle preferably 2 but it really depends how user friendly the pattern is. Designs could be pines, snowflakes, flowers, trees. No words yet.
this pullover will be for me. My biggest Hang-up is getting stuck not understanding what the designer is writing. I’ve noticed in some patterns that there is an assumption knitters understand the construction— which in my case I’m still learning. I’ve knitted a few sweaters but nothing really challenging. Currently, I’m knitting a Hugo Sweater for my hubby. I’m a slower knitter so it’s taking time. Plus Brooklyn Twead Shelter isn’t the nicest in my fingers. Love the patterning but not the feel while knitting with it. Another story…
Bottom line I want to try a basic yoke design and have success so I can build on for the next. I hope this makes sense. I love the knitting process and love to see the fabric being created. Once it becomes a struggle and not relaxing, I lose the joy. I do like challenges but for me I need realistic steps of achievement especially when learning a new type of knitting. Even if you know certain designers that are the tried and true. I hope I’m making sense. Thanks in advance. Lynn J

I wish I could help, but I don’t do a lot of colorwork myself.

@jimmersgal - sounds great!

The sweater you are knitting for your husband… is that Hugo by michiyo? That pattern has great cables… I love knitting cables (especially reversible cables).

I did not ask before, and might be helpful to know…
Do you prefer your colorwork pattern to be constructed top-down?
And do you prefer charts?
I think once I know this, I will be ready to look through my pattern collection… no doubt others will, too!

Don’t worry if you get stuck, there is a lot of experience on this forum… people are both knowledgeable and helpful.

Yes, I now know how to knit the Hugo cables without a needle with the type of yarn I have.
i don’t care if I knit from bottom up or top down cuz I don’t know any better :rofl:
I just want to knit something that I can make sense out of.
thanks so much for helping me.

Charts are fine

A personal favorite is this bottom-up pullover with pine trees, available through several websites, including LoveCrafts:…y-dianna-walla ($7)

You might want to browse all “colorwork yoke” patterns on the LoveCrafts website?

@jimmersgal Are you familiar with DROPS patterns? They do have charts, and some think the patterns are a bit of a challenge as they assume some knitting knowledge, but they are all free and that would allow everyone to look at them and help you along if you hit a speedbump. There are a lot to choose from.

Follow this link to see what’s available.

Thank you. I’m checking out this pattern. It’s really cute! Thank you again. I guess I’ll be going over to LoveCrafts as well! Thanks for your assistance!!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::upside_down_face:

I think I found my pattern. I’ll try to attach a photo. By Jennifer Steingass

I bought Arboreal by same designer

Very nice pattern!
More versatile than pine trees, which may be Christmas-y.

I’m fond of leaf designs.
I like the overall effect of the two rows of the motif forming the yoke…
the impression is bold, uncluttered.

I can’t wait to hear about your progress, let us know how this goes.

Thank you for the suggestions. I still have a huge project for my hubby to complete. But I’m making headway. Will share for sure and hopefully won’t overthink it when I begin the new fair isle sweater. :heart_eyes:

Another feature I like a lot about the pattern you chose is that it is top-down… the interesting colorwork comes at the beginning of the project, rather than at the end. It will be instantly rewarding, to see your accomplishment… then the rest is almost mindlessly easy knitting, to complete the project.
Meanwhile, enjoy knitting all those wonderful cables for your husband!

@jimmersgal I am late to the discussion, but wanted to let you know that if you run into issues I will try to help you. I have knit dozens of these sweaters over the years. I have yarn for 2 on my stash waiting their turn.

Most were knit from the bottom up but my favorite construction method now is a hybrid. I start in the middle, knit the yoke from the bottom up then turn around and knit the rest from the top down.

I may not be able to help, but I will do my best if you run into trouble. Honestly, this type of sweater looks way more difficult than it really is.

Happy Knitting!!!

I am so glad I found this thread. I use to knit colorwork years ago, learned a new way to hold my yarn and when it came time to do colorwork again I had to reteach myself. So I’ve been working on hats to get comfortable with it and have been looking for an easier, good first time colorwork sweater. I am so glad you asked and thank you guys for the suggestions. Does anyone know of anywhere other than ‘r’ to buy her patterns?

Edited to say that I can’t find her stuff anywhere else so she’s out. I’m going to take my book Strange Brew and use the sweater recipes or one of the other patterns in the book and either make a simple chart or follow one from the book.