Subscribing to a Person

Trying to work out forum etiquette here. If you subscribe to a person, is that considered “friending” them? I’d like to do that, but it seems like following all their posts could come off as being stalky.

Absolutely not stalking - at worst, you may not want to read everything they share

Not sure, yet, if it is closer to “FB Friending” or “following”

Another one for the “FAQ” to be done list - thanks
Meanwhile I believe subscribing is more or less like “following”
so if the person posts, you get a notification and/or link

will flag this so @Admin sees the question and and get back with you asap with details

Thank you very much! That sounds reasonable.

I think it will give you a notification if the person posts something so you can go check it out.

Thank you so much!

I have finally grasped the concept of subscribing to a thread…patting myself on the back. Can someone explain how you subscribe to a person? Thanks in advance…

When you click on a Username it shows you that person’s profile and a button at the top says “Subscribe.”

Thank you FreedomLover!

Your’re welcome! It’s not often I get to answer a tech question.

Sometimes I feel like I just moved to a foreign country. Haha. Slowly learning the language and customs.

@yarnforall I was wondering the same thing :blush: it’s a bit of a new learning curve but definitely worth it!