When you Subscribe to someone, will you be notified when they post? Could you do a dictionary of the different choices & what they do on this site…& sticky it to the top of the home page.

Good idea…I’m still having trouble (not very computer literate I’m afraid) of finding my way around.:slight_smile:

Subscribe is used in several ways in this software

Yes, if you go to the person’s individual “User Profile” and click Subscribe -you should receive “notifications” when they post

If you go to a Forum or Group page and select a topic - you will also see a “Subscribe” - you should receive “notifications” when a post/comment is made to that topic

Where it may get confusing (lesson learned the hard way) Is they several DIFFERENT ways the term is used for your USER PROFILE

If you select User Profile and click on subscriptions, you will see what you have “subscribed” to and should be receiving notices of posts and comments

If you select User Profile> User Settings > Subscriptions
that is used to support OurUnRaveled by “subscribing via PayPal or a Credit Card” to a monthly payment/donation
the amount is currently set to $5 month or $50 for an annual support subscription.

it is also where an Advertising Member of OurUnRaveled can choose for a nominal introductory amount to Advertise
with (currently) two levels for the Top Banner or a SideBar Box.

Hope this helps,

one of the projects is an FAQ and yes, a Dictionary of sorts. But keep in mind how little time has passed and how much has been accomplished - pretty much by volunteers = that said, please do not hesitate to post a topic in this section Tech Support - there are people giving as much time as they can to help.

Got it! Thanks wheat…

Hi Susan, I found this post helpful also! I’m a “Jerseyite” too :slight_smile: I think it would be nice if they had a “one-time” donation available in addition to the monthly/yearly amount. I’m on SS so, although $5.00 may not seem like much there are times I might not be able to give $5.00. just a thought.

To Darbost: Hmmm. I made a one time donation. I think what you are saying is that you would like to help out by donating (one time) $X dollars. Maybe post in the tech area to see if they can add that. I think it’s a good idea!

@Darbost @susanwayne at the very bottom of the home screen is a “donate now” button. Does that allow you to make a one time donation without subscribing?

Yup, we put it there for anyone that wants to help out but would rather not do a subscription.

I’m originally from NJ. I just read through here. But I still don’t understand “subscribe” . Is that like friending or following someone? Is it mutual or are we stalking?

No it is not stalking
Not exactly like friending
To be more precise is difficult because it used in differ ways throughout the site let me try to tag you to where I tried for amore comprehensive ecplanation

@Hellokitten let me know if this helps at all