Subscribe button

Although I have been an active participant here on Fiberkind since the beginning, I only recently realized what the “Subscribe” button is for. I find the terminology confusing. I previously thought if I joined something I would automatically get notifications of activity.

My suggestion is we change that button to “Follow”.

Your thoughts?

Let me look and see if I can do that.

I have been unable to find somewhere I can change that button.

Maybe it could just be mentioned as a tip for new members.

@lovestostitch - it already is…

What does it mean to subscribe?

That’s great information!

Somewhere in account settings you can choose to Subscribe by posting (or something like that) and you’re automatically subscribed to any thread you post in.

I went and looked (and checked the box); you can find the automatic subscribe under the notifications tab of the settings in your profile. for me it was the first box.

Thank you! I just went there and checked the box.

See, this is the kind of thing that is not intuitive for me. The site in general is a little complicated, not what I would call user friendly. Yes there is a way to work everything out, but it isn’t immediately obvious and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has difficulties. But I love this community so much I just keep working at it.

We are learning it together. Definitely keep asking questions and we’ll get there.

If I suddenly become independently wealthy or the website becomes financed, maybe someday we can pay a programmer. :slight_smile:

Yup. I know. It’s very involved. Just pointing out things as they formulate in my brain so you can sort out what you need when the time comes.