@FreedomLover [SIZE=14px]It’s good to see ya’ll too. It’s been a hectic few months in and around my life. Hopefully in about a month things will settle down some. Thank you. :slight_smile: [/SIZE]

@Char [SIZE=14px]This is AWESOME news. Oh, I hope it all works out well and can be released soon. Thank you so much for the update!!![/SIZE]

@plainjaneknitter - did you see the birthday announcement? We are accepting testers for SkeinLink!

Oh goodness. That looks awesome!! I can hardly wait for it to be up and running. Thank you for all the work you and the rest of the staff have done.

You are quite welcome!!! We are excited for the release. We’re working on the testing phase now - our testers are giving it a good run for their money. :slight_smile:

My stash - well - for you it’s probably hard to imagine the size of my stash - I have yarn in the attic, a large hobby room, and even on the yard in heavy plastic sacks covered with tarps… the hobby room I have rented for various crafts as I have more machines than fit into our home - knitting, sewing, needle-felting and even a table loom - my husband must really love me to put up with my craziness :)[IMG2=JSON]{“data-align”:“none”,“data-size”:“full”,“src”:“;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAPABAP///wAAACH5BAEKAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAICRAEAOw==”}[/IMG2]​

with a friend of mine we share a googlesheets spreadsheet where we keep track of our purchases and usage of yarn - it’s an eye-opener! - and it makes us feel accountable :slight_smile:

@Hellokitten that sounds so satisfying the way you have them all stored. I also store in tubs but during and after our last move they no longer match the labels on the bins and it’s a huge mess. Your storage system makes me so happy.


Do you buy yarn for specific projects or just because you like the yarn?

@Hellokitten - almost always I have a project in mind and love the yarn and I am afraid it will be discontinued - so I buy in bulk, at least for two sweaters of each yarn - there’s a store I used to frequent and they’d sometimes make coffee for me…

no way am I able to make even a fraction of the projects, but I do like to fondle the yarns :slight_smile: - the attic, by the way, is covered with clear sacks of yarn, maybe a 2 feet high “carpet” - just imagine me crawling there going “wow” - this I didn’t remember - it’s like going shopping again - lol

Oh my! You are very lucky to be able to have a large stash like that. I am imagining you crawling up there and finding goodies again. That’s the best part, like a two for one. Where do you buy all of this yarn from?

@pinesprairie - I’ve been very disciplined this year and made only two purchases

I used to work near a factory outlet, where I often went to and bought a trolley full of yarn - since then I’ve bought from my favourite net-shop where I often get quality yarn for less than 2.50 euros/100grams - it’s really hard to resist a sale of 1,80 euros/100 grams, when it’s an appealing yarn - yarn is just too cheap in Finland

Ah ha. The factory outlet explains it. I love trying yarn from different places. What is the name of the net shop you speak of? Do they ship internationally?

@pinesprairie my favourite net shop is Adlibris - it is originally a bookstore that has expanded to other fields as well - I just asked them and sadly they do not ship internationally - it really is the shop to buy from when you want cheap yarn - periodically they have great sales with 30-70% discounts, that’s when you can get yarn at prices even 1,80euros/100g

I’m very proud of myself for having resisted the urge to buy more yarn for 8 months (in August I lapsed) - in fact I held an “open house” sale event in my hobby room selling all the yarn I no longer loved

Oh that’s too bad. I don’t have trouble finding places to buy yarn from though. That you’ve only bought yarn once in 8 months is really an accomplishment . @Char just resisted a purchase as well. You guys have determination, that’s for sure.

@pinesprairie I did resist… once…

Of course I also received some yarn I forgot was coming, too. lol

@pinesprairie & @Char - last year, though, I bought over 40kg of yarn… (I keep track on a spreadsheet) - & making an embarrassing confession - I’m addicted to the act of buying yarn - I still have parcels that I haven’t even opened yet… when I do, it will be like going shopping again :slight_smile:

So let’s see, that’s about 88 pounds here and that is quite a bit of yarn! No wonder you’re proud of yourself. I have no will power at all so it’s better if I don’t even look unless I need something. I did learn though, having a stash does no good if you don’t like the yarn you have in it. I’d gotten quite a bit of worsted weight acrylic on sale and through donations and now don’t like it as much as lighter weight yarns. I will use it, but the rate is much slower which means it gets older and quite a bit of it has been discontinued. I have to have enough to make whatever item I’m making as there’s no chance of getting more. Plus that, I also find yarn I no longer love (that’s a very kind way of saying it). I tend to donate that as I come across it.

Keep up the good work @sheiskanen!

@pinesprairie - I have been buying yarn for about 35 years and I used to have a lot of yarn I no longer loved, so I have sold and donated more than twice as much as I have bought last year - for me it’s a relief to free up space and I don’t think about the money I have spent, that’s gone, full stop

normally I buy yarn in excess of what I think I need for a project - sometimes I have bought all that was on offer and for those I’m not sure if there’s enough for a sweater (I mostly knit sweaters) - I have no acrylic yarn left, now mostly mohair, wool and wool-mix - now everybody knows my darkest secrets - lol

thanks for the encouragement - there was a lapse last month, but I commit to not buy more yarn this year :slight_smile:

First of all, good for you for setting the goal of no more purchases for the year. That’s a big commitment and we’re here if you feel yourself wavering. Determination can be a very strong motivator and I admire yours.

Secondly, that explains why I like all your yarns so much. Using stash is fun in and of itself as you mix and match to come up with the makings for each item. You do it very well!

@pinesprairie - thanks again for your kind and positive comments! - I find this a very kind and empathetic group and feel I can get the support should I get the urge to buy more yarn :slight_smile: