Stitch Marker Solution...

Hey All:

I am one who doesn’t like to be bothered by life’s petty annoyances. I look to solve those little issues rather than be continually frustrated by them.

I know that this is not an elegant solution to the problem, but I have always been annoyed when I have had to remove a stitch marker, lay it down (usually on my lap where it inevitably slides off!) only to have to find it, and replace it for the next round. Ughhhh.

Since I’ve been doing a lot of crocheting lately, haven’t we all?, working more intricate patterns to keep myself amused, I decided to tackle the issue of the stitch marker.

The pictures are of my solution for that danged little stitch marker. It is a simple bobbie pin bent into a better shape and a made up ring (self sticking velcro) with a magnet. The bobbie pin works great because it has protected edges which don’t catch on the yarn but slides right through the stitch. It’s metal so when I remove it to make ready to use it for the next round, I can park it on the magnet ring and not lose it! I don’t even have to put my hook down.

I’m sure others have thought of this as well, but since it is new to me and I don’t remember ever seeing it here, I thought I’d toss it out for anyone who thinks it might work for them. I’m equally sure that others will be able to improve on my rough solution and make it much nicer to look at.

Basically I made a loop of the self sticking velcro and scotch taped the magnet to it. The velcro fits my middle finger comfortably so I can just slide it on and off. I don’t have to keep opening the velcro each time I want to use it. I’m still experimenting with the bend in the bobbie pin as admittedly, once it a while it slips off. Hasn’t happened often, but it has happened. It’s happened with commercial stitch markers also.

Here are some pix of what I did.

Bobbi Pin Stitch Marker.jpg

Magnetic holder.jpg

What a wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing.

I just heard from someone else who thought this idea would work for knitters also. She uses paper clips as stitch markers so the magnet ring would work perfectly!

What a great idea…:fk:

I slightly improved on the item in the photo. Instead of manuipulating the bobbit pin somewhat, I left one just as it came out of the package. The only modification that I made to it was to slightly bend one of the ends up. This allowed the thicker yarn I was working with (#4 WW) to not get caught up on the second leg. It also accomplished the problem of the bobbie pin slipping out of the work. The stitch gets caught up in the ridges of the bobbie pin and no more slipping out!