Stashbuster ideas!!

I came across this and I thought it was a neat idea! A stashbuster pouf; I think it would make a gorgeous ottoman if you went bigger with it.

Here’s another idea for a stashbusting blanket, Tunisian style:

Feel free to add to this list!

I love both of them @rkennell! That pouf would be so much fun!

I think so, too!

I am working through bags (yes bags) of leftover sock yarn in this miter square Afghan. I am having so much fun - and my son loves it, so it will be his…


That’s a neat idea as well! I love the idea of a stashbuster blanket!

@Char, I really like the blanket, what a great idea!

I am making scrappy scarves for the homeless with my little balls. Where there’s enough, I make an ear warmer. All these take two strands of fingering yarn, and an H crochet hook, so they are quick projects, My little tote of leftovers sits here right next to me, and I try to work on something each day. I can see its dwindling down.

You know what’s going to happen now, don’t you? Someone will be handing you a bag of yarn! People are always giving me yarn because they know I knit a lot for charity. I never seem to get to the bottom of my tote box.

@knitter131 - I bet if you put an announcement in your church bulletin, you would get lots of donations.

@lovestostitch, that’s a great idea!

I see @knitter131 's YTD total going quickly into the negative. LOL

But it is for a good cause!

We need to help her get negative points - she is too fast a knitter!

Yeah, I thought of that too, lol

It’s ok - @lovestostitch is right - if we don’t do something you will blow us all away. LOL

@knitter131 - Did I miss something in the rules? Leftovers don’t count? Do you have to start with a full skein to earn a point? That means I wouldn’t get credit for the adult pencil socks I’m working on because all the colors are from previously used skeins, What if we weighed scraps and when you get to a full skein’s worth, you get credit?

@knitter131 - I believe they are allowed. I’ve been figuring every 100 grams was a skein worth and counted it as two points. :slight_smile: Weighed my project and added points that way. :slight_smile: @TexasPurl - is this OK?

@TexasPurl - the prize at the end of the year is a clean craft room! I just broached the subject of a craft room remodel to my husband. I have the worst hodge podge of storage units. I want one like you see on Pinterest. I want a storage wall with cute clear boxes - all labeled with cute labels. Hubby didn’t act too excited but he does love tidy and organized so I think I can talk him into it.

I also want to paint the room. It has been the white that the previous owners used everywhere when they wanted to sell. It’s been that way for 11 years! Time for some color! What color do you think a craft room should be? No yellow!

@lovestostitch - What’s this “clean craft room” you speak of? lol

My dream craft room would be in a pale lavender with my favorite doilies in frames hanging on one wall. Another wall would consist of cubbies like the yarn shops have for my stash. My desk of course. A sewing table. A spare table for blocking, etc. And a lot of good lighting.

@TexasPurl - a clean craft room is what you see on Pinterest, not what you would see at my house. Good point about the lighting. Canned lights over the work surfaces would be so awesome. Right now I have three Ott type lamps I move around.

@lovestostitch - maybe this will be inspiration for your craft room?

my Father in law made this for my craft room! Unfortunately I have more yarn that will fit, so I really need to Stashbust!!!


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