Stash Buster Sale at The Sated Sheep in Dripping Springs Texas July 30-August 3

In the summer we are encouraging our customers to clean out their yarn closets. They bring in what they no longer cherish, priced to sell and you buy it during our annual Stash Sale.

This opportunity offers both Risk and Reward. The risk is that we can not vouch for any of the items. This is not the same as buying Sated Sheep yarn. It might have had a previous life with a cat or a smoker. You might have to wind the yarn by hand. It might be cashmere and not be labeled.

Nevertheless, the reward can be worth the risk. Many yarns are priced at a fraction of their value. There are beautiful skeins of handpainted goodness, sweater quantities of luxurious wool, colorful bits and pieces to add to your “box of crayons” for embellishment. The prices are incredibly low.

Here are some tips for shopping the stash:

Bring sunscreen, comfy shoes and water. The yarn is outside (unless it is stormy) and there may be a LOT of it. You may spend hours going through it all. We want you to be comfortable.

Bring a BIG bag. You will want to collect things as you search. Your arms can only juggle so much. You are welcome to fill your own bag as you browse. We trust you to come in and pay for it when your decisions are made.

Make a shopping list. Take note of yarn requirements for patterns that you are interested in making. For example, 200 yards worsted weight for the mittens for Aunt Sue. When you find a worsted weight yarn that you love, you’ll be able to check your list to make sure that there is enough for the project you have in mind.

Download the Stashbot Ap. If you find a yarn you can’t live without, StashBot will help you determine how much you should buy. Using StashBot, you can find average yarn requirement for projects in gauges 3 – 8 stitches per inch.

Succumb to the temptation of cashmere, silk, fine wool and yak. This is your opportunity to play with yarns that otherwise might be beyond your budget. Even if you don’t know what you will do with it. If it takes your breath away, buy it!

That’s really cool, I wish we were in Texas I’d send my wife :-D.

What a fun idea!! Wish I was closer…I’d come!

I wish I was close by!!