St. Rocs Day or St. Distaff Day Chatter and pics

Here is the place to share your pictures of what you are spinning tomorrow in honor of St. Distaff’s Day! (See previous post for information about it). This is not a contest or anything–it’s just a “virtual spin-in” of sorts. I have to work in the morning, so I won’t be able to join until the afternoon, but feel free to hop on and share what you plan to work on! It’s a great way to start “Spinning your stash”! I think I will try to get one of those up and going as well for 2020. Hope you can join us! (FYI_-that pile in the basket is NOT my goal for tomorrow! It’s more like what I hope to get done this year!) The first one is the one I am currently spinning up. It’s to be a cable spun 4-ply yarn. It’s really nice to spin and so soft! I’m aiming for a sock yarn or DK weight, so it’s a pretty fine spin. I would love to finish it tomorrow afternoon, but not sure that’s happening either. My day is filling up with too many things!



You have some beautiful colors there to work with - I might be combing some rather plain stuff but learning to comb and make roving is a good challenge. And I have some Shropshire at the ready for some supported long draw practice. So I plan to do some prepping and some spinning. I might even get a dye pot going outside - and there is some sock yarn that I over .spun that I want to run back through the wheel. Good assortment of things to work on tomorrow.

Sounds like a full day of fiber fun for you!

I met a couple of my St. Distaff’s Day goals today. First, I got going on some lovely Shropshire roving from Covered Bridge Farm of Scio, Oregon, on the Livestock Conservancy’s Watch list, and I filled about a half a bobbin with my supported long draw practice. It was very easy to spin, with only a little VM easily removed. Second, I tried out Josefin Walton’s method of combing, pulling off the comb , and then making rolags on hand carders. This seemed to work very well on the CVM/Romeldale that I had scoured in the summer (another SE2SE project). It felt good to be nibbling away at these two Livestock Conservancy Passport breeds and I will enjoy several weeks of working with them now that everything is set up and working nicely.
By the way, Josefin Waltin demonstrated her method here:
I think today helped me get pumped up on my stash spinning - hope everyone had a good day!:slight_smile:



Oh wow–how fun! It looks like you got a lot accomplished! My day kept getting filled up with things I hadn’t planned for, but I did manage to squeeze in a little time this evening after work and before supper. So I put my wheel in front of the computer and watched a bit of a couple of fun podcasts. I also spun some last night and made some decent progress, but not as far as I wanted to be! Oh well, it motivated me to get going with my wheel again and that’s a good thing!

I’ll want to watch that link you shared–I’d like to learn how to do that! I have a nice set of hand carders and it’s the closest thing I have to a drum carder for making rolags. Thanks for helping make this a fun day! We’ll have to get some more spinning events going sometime!


That looks like a great set-up! I love your real spinning chair. Podcasts plus spinning are such a great way to to double-dip. I also do not have a drum carder - I’m getting better at hand carding - trying out different combinations of preps, not just the ones in books. I look forward to more spinning events and thanks for joining in today.