Spinzilla suspended!

A note on the TNNA website.

I wonder what that’s all about. Was someone offended by it?

I don’t know. Only saw the post today in my email from Yarn Worker website. I think some of it may have to do with Ravelry turmoil and the sheer cost of hosting such an event. But that is just my thoughts.


@Floppy2 @AnneAnne That’s very interesting. I have been following the Spinzilla issues for the last couple of years on R. To answer the question, no…it wasn’t about someone being offended. There have been complaints for at least the past 2 years, maybe 3, about the whole thing being poorly run, particularly after TNNA passed the event off to be run by a management company (who purportedly doesn’t know/understand the industry). There were also questions about whether the kits that were supposed to be going to charity were actually being distributed or properly distributed. In addition, there were reports of a variety of irregularities as to the yardage numbers and complaints that prizes didn’t get disseminated correctly (or at all). IIRC, these issues mainly started after the event was passed off.

I can’t remember all of the details, but if you happen to still have your R account, you can find a whole thread about it in the “Demon Trolls” group (which is a consumer advocacy group). PM me if you want the link. (I deleted my R account a few weeks ago, but I still have yet to delete my “secondary” account because I am curious to follow the membership numbers and watch the number of threads being archived and posts “hidden”. I’ve actually privately invited several people to check out OurUnraveled.)

Thank you for keeping track of this. There was also shouts about why the cost to participate went up. No really good explanation was given for that either. All of the fun went out of Spinzilla after 2014 and I did not participate again. It looks like that is something we may have to resurrect here when the time is right. We need to have fun again. DO update us here on the numbers and how R is doing. As angry as I am at Casey Forbes, there is so much good that the company has done and can do. I really have no wish to see R die.

@Floppy2 I honestly do not trust the numbers I’m seeing. Within a week of deleting my account and then starting a new one, there was a loss of about 7500 people. Now mysteriously in just the last 2 days there has been an increase of about 5,000.

I thought Casey closed new memberships. Did he open them again? Kind of like poll numbers huh?

@Floppy2 - Yes, membership is back open. It looks like new members cannot post in the forums for the first 24-48 hours, but everything else is the same

I remember following the story in Demon Trolls. It’'s too bad all of this had to happen.