Spinning/weaving/knitting Lincoln Longwool

IT’S A SIGN (LOL). I literally woke up after a restless night 2 nights ago and I was thinking/dreaming about the large bag of ready-to-spin, pin-drafted soft white Lincoln longwool roving that I have in my closet and had the bright idea that it should be spun to weave. (I really think I was dreaming that part!) I had sorta’ forgot about it lately and I have no idea why my mind was going there except that I just recently purchased a rigid heddle loom and I’ve been learning to weave during these days of staying at home. I know that Lincoln Longwool is often considered a scratchier yarn and I have spun some, but I’d like to know if anyone has woven things from that particular fiber that would showcase the beauty of it? What an odd thing to wake up thinking/dreaming about, but it’s been on my mind now and I’m trying to decide what to do with it. I also have some more being processed at a fiber mill (both of these were given to me by some local shepherds and I want to spin it) and I want to have ideas for it when it arrives. I’d be also open to knitting suggestions. So many say it should be used for rugs, but I hate to do that! Should I weave a jacket or vest? I could dye the white yarn; I also have some black coming in the batch being processed now.