Would anyone be interested in doing a study using the “51 Yarns” book by Ply Magazine, or just some kind of breed study?

Sounds like fun! I often wish I had a spinning wheel!!!

I just bought a loom and should probably wait a respectable amount of time before I suggest buying a wheel. :rolleyes:

That said, I would love to be a spectator and cheerleader for something like this.

Char, thank you for responding. I notice that you are a knitter. I just learned to knit the end of last year. Now I want to spin my own yarn to knit with. One of my knitting goals this year is to knit socks. I found a You Tube channel that will go through the project, left handed, from beginning to end.

Finally got my loom unpacked from a move several years ago…yeah…put a warp on the warping board to finish up place mats to match a set of napkins which I made before the move. I wanted to improve on my spinning and thought that a study would be fun and educational. Other Spinning “clubs” on You Tube and “on line schools” are offering studies but it comes at a cost to join. So, I was hoping there might be someone in the “Fiber Kind” community who might be interested. Thanks for the cheering section!

@Readyfox - yes I knit, crochet, and am also a new weaver. I have been intrigued by a spinning wheel, but should probably get rid of my stash before I add more to it.

I LOVE to knit socks, and we have a monthly sock knit along full of sock knitters that would be overjoyed to help you!!! You may even find you are ready for socks sooner than you realize.

Spindles are a good way to get started. I would love to get a wheel some day but don’t have the room or cash to spend on one right now. I’m happy with my spindles though so I think I’ll save up for a loom first.
Spindles are easy to use in those little bits of down time between household tasks. I mostly use mine standing in the kitchen doorway waiting for a pot to boil, or cookies to bake etc.

@Readyfox, you’re welcome!

@Sommerfugl I must applaud your multi-tasking skills! I think it would be harder for me to learn on a spindle as the yarn would be going down and away from me. With a wheel I feel like it would spend more time in my hands and I would be seeing it horizontally instead of vertically.