@rkennell , looks like Cady May has some of her special Spindolyns again.


@yarnforall, they are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing this. After working with the other one I got, I’m feeling much more confident with it. I think supported spindling is great for learning on and her prices very, very reasonable.

Her “luxury” ones are very nice. I just checked, and wow, she has already sold 3 of them.

Ummm… make that four of them.

@DebbiRYarn, you will love it, I’m sure! I enjoy the one I got and it’s not even a luxury one!

I’ve been wanting one. I have a friend that spins all her cotton on one.

They are great!

@yarnforall Uh oh

Good for spinning in car.

@yarnforall, you’re so bad!! I LOVE this thing! It’s such a joy to spin with. (I didn’t spin that whole cop on the Spindolyn. I transferred some that I had already spun.) Such joy!!


You’re a very nice stinker! I had never heard of Spindolyns before and my eyes have been opened.

Ah, thanks! I first saw them at s fiber festival! I love them because it enables me to spindle spin without hurting my neck and shoulders the way a drop spindle does. You would salivate to see all those beauties lined up in her sales booth!

I am officially covering my eyes…and peaking out just a little but restraining my impulse to go to the site and order one.

@Floppy2, well you can relax now. She has sold out of all her special ones.

“Whew” That was close!

Yes, it does travel well!

Spinny, (my Spindolyn) has gone with me in the car today as we’ve run errands. I love this thing!! My baby blanket marathon is in deep trouble.

Oh no… those poor cold babies!! (Just kidding!)

It’s true! They’ll be freezing and it’s all my fault! (Somehow, I doubt anybody will freeze in a South Texas summer.)

@DebbiRYarn, :grinning::grinning::grinning:, enjoy!