SPIN TOGETHER spinning event

Make sure to check out SPIN TOGETHERhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/355042558499127/
we are on of the sponsors for this years event that will be held Oct 6-12. It is not to late to join! also check out their website to find out how to joinhttp://www.spintogether.org/

you can join a team on September first but check out either their facebook page or their website for more info.

@fancykitty , thanks so much for sharing this!! I had no idea there was something like this being put together. I’m guessing since Spinzilla fell apart, this is a similar contest. I am excited for this!

Anyone want to join in? We could have a team (or 2 or 5 or 10!) from our site!

Count me in!

I would be interested! The spin a long rekindled my love of spinning.

Won’t be a participant this year, but, maybe next? Will go over to the website as I no longer use FB.

Awesome–would you like to lead a team?

That’s fine. I’m glad they have a website, esp. for non-FB users

If you all want to start a team … and someone else wants to be in charge… I will provide the two necessary prizes that they require for a team. I am already an event sponsor and we are giving a larger prize for that but I would be willing to donate 2 teaser boards which retail for 19.95 each and I will add a tiny blending brush with each teaser board. to bring the value up to the required $25 or more. All I ask is that you call the name of the team FANCY KITTY UNRAVELED or something with our FANCY KITTY name in it… if you don’t like that. Any takers? please note there are specific rules that will need to be followed http://www.spintogether.org/create-a-team/ yvonne

I already committed to another team before I saw this post, but if that changes, I would love to join the team!

Wow–thanks, Yvonne! Anyone else want to join a Fancy Kitty team? Since I was a leader for SdF2019, I’m more than happy to hand off the team captain role to anyone else. Since Unraveled is no longer our website name, we could use a combo of FiberKind and Fancy Kitty, but need some suggestions!

I would love to be a part of this team. I should have checked here first anyway LOL

If we are going to be a separate team, someone needs to fill out the forms today. This is the last day teams can be registered.

yes that is correct… unfortunately I cannot oversee this, because I just do not have the time but like I said I wold be glad to donate the prizes so if someone else wants to spearhead this feel free

What is involved in overseeing this? I don’t have a lot of free time but if it’s not time consuming and paperwork heavy, and no one else wants to do it, I’d be willing. LOL Lots of ifs in there

How about the name Fancy Kitty Fiber Kinders ( Kinder in German is child or kid)

Actually, I think two dates were mentioned, and I think the last day is August 31. See 2nd to last paragraph right above “Create My Team,” here:
So maybe there is still time if we don’t nail it down today. I am not a FB member but maybe someone else is. It is very kind and generous that @fancykitty has offered prizes.

http://www.spintogether.org/create-a-team/ here are the particulars

I love that name. I clicked on Create My Team just to see what is in there - it connects to Google Forms, but I can’t see anything to fill out - I’m on a Chromebook, so maybe you will get further.

Carlota, It appears that they have closed the create a team when I go to that it says “Thank you for your interest in creating a team for Spin Together. We have completed team creation for the year, but you’re certainly welcome to join a team beginning on September First.” Im sorry but it looks like we missed this year to create a team but as of Sunday Sept 1 you should be able to join another team… I just messaged them because they do have BOTH dates on the same page very confusing at the top it says it ends August 28 and at the bottom it says August 31

It looks like they are looking for businesses to sponsor teams. I don’t have a fiber business, I do have a dog training business but I don’t think that counts. Seems like they also want to have a FB group set up for each team. And they mentioned a lot about R which I will not do.