Spin de Fleece Week 2 Prize drawing.


Week 2 has come and gone!! Hopefully it’s been a productive week for everyone!

Our prize this week is a sweet Turkish drop spindle donated by @Stitch81 , owner of Lanie K. Designs. This is a beauty and I’m sure it will be a joy to spin on! Thank you @Stitch81 !

So to be reminded, the rules for participation are simple–you need to have had at least 5 days where you’ve spun for at least 20 minutes (or did fiber prep or plying, etc). Again, this is on the honor system and we’re not going around checking to see if you did that or not. So, if by this evening (Friday the 19th) at midnight you qualified for this week’s drawing, please comment below and post your name. If you care to show a picture of what you did or at least tell us about it, that would be awesome. Also, please note that even if you weren’t able to do last week’s contest, you can still qualify for this week’s drawing if you met the above specifications for this week.

If you’ve already met that qualification, feel free to go ahead and post your name; you don’t have to wait until this evening to do so. But to keep it fair, no posting after midnight on Friday, please.

Also, I encourage everyone who has made it through all the days of the SdF2019, don’t give up for this last week–we have some really nice prizes coming, not only for the weekly prize but we’ll be giving away multiple prizes for those who complete the entire Spin de Fleece. Stay tuned for some posts coming up!!

P.S. I apologize for not posting this sooner this week–I ended up traveling to CO to help my sister’s family move and I’ve had precious little time to spend on the Internet. We’re traveling home today and I’m so looking forward to being back home and having a regular schedule, even though I’m glad I was able to do that.


I spun 30-60 minutes every day but rest day.


I snuck in 30-60 minutes a day, even in this heat!!

Yes, please count me in… I have spun every day for at least 2-3 hours. Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

I spun to the race each day. Sometimes a couple hours. Todays individual time trials was great to watch and i finished the rest of my Violet Island tonal which will be plyed with the sock batts. Guessing 400 yds for both bobbins combined.


I still can’t figure out how to link from Instagram to get a photo to pop up, so you can just visit my IG to see the progress lol


Each day besides Tuesday has had over 30 min of spinning. Mostly on the shown electric eel, but also some hand spinning on drop spindles has been done.

That turkish spindle is beautiful but I don’t spindle spin much anymore so, while I qualified, I’m not going to enter.

I spun for at least 20 minutes everyday except last Saturday and Tuesday.

Lots of great progress!! Good job!!

Good for you! It has been a warm week!!!

Sounds like an incredible week of productivity!! Wow!

Love that purple! I missed so much of the races this week–I hope to do some catching up this weekend now that we’re back home. Good job!

I’ve seen your posts in Instagram–you’ve had some lovely progress!

Next week will be fiber and the end contest will also include some fiber giveaways, so keep spinning!! Glad you still spun this week!

And the winner is…@VivianPearl!! Congratulations for winning this sweet Turkish Spindle from Lanie K. Designs (@Stitch81)!! Happy spinning!

Thank you!! I have never spun with a Turkish Spindle, but am excited to try. Thank you @Stitch81 for the generous donation!

Congratulations @VivianPearl ! Please message me with the address you would like the spindle sent to.

Congratulations @VivianPearl! :slight_smile:

I was busy yesterday and failed to check the forum. I did spin the required amount of time every day of Week two.

Stage 15 today. I was able to spin one of the sock batt colors and ply it for 124 yards :slight_smile: