Spin De Fleece Progress Reports

(Again, moving @rkennell’s post over here. I wish I could move all of your beautiful posts over here, but they would show up as being posted by me. I’m sorry!)

We’re about ready to start! We have around 40-45 people joining us so far!

This is the place to post your pictures of updates, progress, and we’ll also be sharing about prizes. We have 4 prizes to give away this time, so we’ll be giving away 1 at the end of each week from a drawing for those who participate in at least 5 separate days a week of spinning a minimum of 20 minutes per day. We also will have 1 final drawing selected from those members who have spun the ENTIRE event (minus the 2 rest days). So keep track of your work days and please be honest. This is on the honor system.

The prizes are:
Roadfindcotton–drop spindle
Callielw-4 oz bump of gray finnsheep roving
Stitch81(Infinity wheels)–Turkish drop spindle

If we have a lot of participants who make it to the end and have spun every day of the event, we may give away two prizes, since we have 5 prizes so far! Thanks to the generous members who donated them!

So dust off your wheels and get ready to start on July 6th!! Get ready, get set,…SPIN!!! (AND POST PICTURES HERE, ON FB, AND ON INSTAGRAM–make sure to use #spindefleece2019)


I’ll kick this one off. I haven’t posted in a few days, but I have been spinning. It seems that every time I pull a sliver of BFL from the pile, the pile gets bigger, not smaller. I’m not sure how it’s doing that. Anyway, here’s the BFL as of Wednesday night. I didn’t get a photo on Thursday.

Work on the matching silk hankie stopped on Tuesday when I discovered I was starting a blister on my drafting hand. It seems to be down now, so I’ll resume.

And the spindle spinning is coming along. I found the project I actually intended to finish on this spindle. It’s a cashmere/silk and I only have a couple of ounces of it. It’s a darker lavender than the original post I made, but it’s so pretty!

And a huge thank you to @Grammarsea who gently pointed out that I hadn’t laced the Ashford lace flyer. I went to look at it and, oh my! I never even finished installing the maidens. So I took some time to finish that and lace the flyer. And here she is!





@DebbiRYarn , again, thanks for getting this post going while I was away at a meeting!

That cashmere silk is gorgeous!

I thought you deliberately didn’t lace it. Those are some FINE singles!

Here’s my day 7 photo since I’m sure today’s will probably look just like day 1 since I’m starting a new braid of the same thing. It’s a merino/tussah silk blend I bought a Yarnorama a long time ago. It measured 836 yards on the skeinwinder, so I’m hoping for about 750 now that it’s washed. With both braids, I should have enough for a nice size shawl.


I think I’m going to have to go hunt for a little primer on how to upload photos!

That is so pretty and should make a gorgeous shawl!!

It is a bit different, but I just clicked on the picture/image icon above your comment box, and when it pops up, go the upload feature and select your picture. You THEN need to hit “send to server” and it should work. I haven’t tried loading pictures from online, but at least this is the way it works for uploading from your computer. Hope that helps–It’s really nice since it allows you to choose the size of picture you want as well!

I made it over here, still trying to play around and get familiarized with the new place. I will try to only post here from now on to help add content. I did not get any spinning done yesterday, this weekend is my town’s homecoming celebrations so we had class reunions last night and parade and all kinds of activities today. I am going to try and get all my pics from the other site uploaded here and do an update post.

Okay, so having some picture upload issues on mobile, but I sent them to my desktop and am trying it from here… I wanted to move my progress photos over to the new platform, I hope I got them all…

Day1-8: My project for the beginning of the #spindefleece2019 was to finish a 3ply fractal from a 4oz braid of merino/tussah blend. Prior to the beginning of SDF I had one bobbin complete. I managed to finish up bobbins 2 and 3 during the first few days and got that all plied up. I ended up with 3.55 oz of 546 yds of lace weight yarn. Also during this week I built a DIY triangle loom so I included a photo of that as well. I was able to use up some handspun (from a couple years ago) for that shawl project. I have now dug into my bag of gray rambouillet fiber and am spinning up a 2 ply worsted weight yarn for a project yet to be determined. I see after uploading that it is not uploading in the order I selected them, so…yeah.




I’m fine, myself, with us not being able to move our posts over because this setup is SO much better. I went to the old site and copied my progress posts onto a Word doc. I probably could have just printed every page as a pdf but didn’t think of that. Once comments are closed and the pages are frozen in time, I could do that if there’s a place to pin it here and people want it.

I did realize that my post from last night went MIA. I did it from my phone and was exhausted, so maybe something went hinky. I have a pic of my progress but it looks like a rats nest. I’m overspinning like crazy. I spun for 30 minutes this morning - or at least sat at my wheel playing with tension. I probably spun a total of 4 yards. I’ll get a pic later.

Oh! What fun spinning projects. I am sorry I missed participating in this.

You can still join in, the prizes are week by week, as long as you spin 5 days a week, you can qualify

OK, Great! I am in. I was just finishing up reading the other posts about this and realized that maybe I could. I am really excited to do this. Thanks, for confirming it for me. :slight_smile:

I’m so glad we made the switch to the new site so early in the process, this is a cuter layout–the process for inserting pics is a bit complicated, but I’m sure we’ll all get used to it. Plus it has some handy options for placing and sizing photos. Anyways I am on to some new colors, just having a few minutes a day to spin (still on bobbin 1) but loving the moments I have.

Aaaand here’s a bonus photo of de Gendt winning stage 8 :wink:

Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 12.25.44 PM.png


I know, it’s got so many steps!

Love the colorway and the fine singles! This makes me want to drill some holes in my flyer and switch a set of hooks over to the other side (my hooks are on opposite sides). I’m a little scared to take a drill to my flyer though. Maybe I’ll ask my bestie to do it b/c he is great with carpentry and if he messes up my flyer I can blame him. :smiley: :smiley:

Just testing photo upload, and documenting my starting point for this week…


At last! This bag was packed with cotton sliver this time last week. Now it is all yarn! Spinning this while everyone else is spinning gorgeous colors was a bit like eating vegetables when everyone else was having chocolate cake. Next week, I’m doing cotton, but it is hand painted sliver! WooHoo.