Spin de Fleece - Jul 1-24, 2022 - Tallying Thread - Report your Yardage.

I am creating this thread for @PurlgirlButtons - She will be in charge of tallying out totals, but you all are in charge of reporting it!

Please report your accomplishments here in this thread to make it easier for her. I’ll let her share how she would like it reported. :slight_smile:

Take it away @PurlgirlButtons

Hi Everyone and Happy Summer!
The Schedule for the 2022 Fiberkind Spin de Fleece includes the following:
July 1-Start Date
July 4- Rest Day (opt)
July 8-Challenge Day
July10-Challenge Day
July 11- Rest Day
July 13- Day (opt)
July 14-Challenge Day
July 18-Rest Day (opt)
July 20-Challenge Day
July 21-Challenge Day
July 24-Last Day of SdF

Pick any 3 challenge days to be eligible for that prize if available
You may post updates on Time Spinning, Yards Plied, and/or Grams spun as often as you wish.
To be eligible for the weekly prize, if available) post by Midnight Thursdays.
Your post may not look exactly like this, but here is an example.
Only post totals in this Tallying Thread. IF you post totals anywhere else, they might not get recorded! Photos are ok, though!

Grams spun (singles):
Yards Finished:


July 1. July 2
31 gm. 35 gm
2:00 hr. 2:16 hr/min

July 1
55 minutes spinning singles

July 2
48 minutes spinning singles

July 3
1 hr 45 min spinning (plying and singles)
finished 1 skein - 162 yards / 57 grams 2 ply = 324 yards singles … (are you counting plied yardage?)

Yes, Grams of singles and Yards of finished plied or unplied. But finished, i,e. washed, dried and measured, right?

July 3 July 4
16 gm 28 gm
54 min. 1 hour

Well, I measure as I am taking it off the bobbin, as my niddy noddy is 2 yards, so I just count the wraps and then under count … so if it’s 100.5 wraps … I count it as 200 yards … I know there is some shrinkage, but I figure I did spin that many yards, and so whether it shrinks after wash, then that doesn’t matter so much for spinning yardage (to me). I don’t wash each skein as I finish it, I will wait until I have a few skeins, and then wash/set the batch.

  • Last year I would count both singles yardage and plied yardage … so the skein I finished here would be 324 singles yardage + 162 plied yardage for a total of 486 countable yards. But you can make whatever determination you want for this year :slight_smile: What would you prefer ? County only singles ? Count singles and plied yardage ? Count only plied yardage ?

July 4
70 minutes

55 grams
172 yards of 2 ply. (344 yards of singles.)

July 6
70 minutes

July 5
13 gm singles spun
300 yds plied

July 6
9 gr singles

July 7
7 gr singles

July 7
80 minutes spinning

July 8
140 minutes spinning
55 grams and 254 yards of 2 ply finished (508 yards of singles spun, or 762 yards of actual spinning done depending on how you are counting it).

July 8
38 grams singles
164 minutes
July 9
9 grams singles
17 minutes
July 10
46 grams singles
150 minutes

July 11
56 grams
225 minutes
266 yards finished 3 ply
July 12
162 minutes
60 grams

July 9th - 45 minutes

July 10th - 30 minutes

July 11th - about 60 minutes
266 yards of 2 ply (798 countable yards - if you count singles and plied yardage)
81.5 grams

July 12th - rest - no spinning

July 13th - rest - no spinning

July 14th - rest - no spinning

July 15th - 45 minutes

July 16th - 60 minutes

July 17th - 120 minutes

July 18th - Rest

July 19 - 60 minutes

July 20 - 120 minutes (so far today, may do a little more later this evening).

July 21st - 75 minutes

July 22nd - 140 minutes
3 skeins of 2ply = 244 yds, 248 yds, 148 yds = 640 yards of 2ply finished or 1920 countable yards
grams for each skein = 67g, 70g, 43g = 180 grams finished

July 23rd = 120 minutes (approx)

July 24th = 100 minutes (approx).

I haven’t finished the current spin project, so I am going to try to continue through the women’s tour de france and see if i can’t finish this project.

I only finished the one skein I showed on Friday. Am about half way through a second.

July 13 July 19
90 minutes 17 gram
44grams singles 1 hour

  •                                                      -

July 14 July 20
120 minutes 3 hours
12 g singles 72 grams
350 plied 2-ply -

  •                                                   July 21    *     

July 15 2 hrs
24 grams 148 grams plied
120 minutes -

  •                                                     July 22

July 16 4 hour
4 grams 100 grams
42 min -
(replied last skein) July 23

  •                                                      10 grams

July 17 184 yards 3-ply
90 min -
19 grams July 24

  •                                                      84 grams

July 18 180 minutes
188 minutes -
17 grams NOT INCLUDED IN TOTALS: July 25 plied approx 200 yds 3-ply
355 yards plied 3-pl1

*I received my Woolee Winder Thursday and it sent my spinning into hyperdrive! It feels a bit like cheating but my hands sure are tired from all of that spinning. I will definitely take a little break for a while

13th 44g, 90 min,
14th 12g, 120 min, 350 yd
15th 24g, 120 min
16th 4g, 42 min replied last skein
17th 19g, 90 min
18th 17g, 188 min, 355 yds 2ply
19th 17 g, 60 min
20th 72 g, 180 min
21st 0g, 120 min, 148 yds 3-ply ***
22nd 100g, 240 min,
23rd 10g, 60 min 184 yds 3-ply
24th 84g, 180 min
25th 21g, approx 200 yds plied

***This is the day I received my Woolee Winder. It sent my spinning into hyperdrive! It almost felt like cheating, but my hands are pretty sore. I will have to take a break from spinning for a while, if I can.

Spice2s Did you get to do any spinning yesterday? My spinning has taken a little downturn towards the end of the week…I think I’m still recovering and working in the yard has taken more energy and made my hands tired. :sleeping:
Is anyone else spinning? For fun?

I’m spinning most days. Just not reporting as I’m not really interested in or motivated by prizes.