Spin de Fleece final week of prizes and also Grand Prizes--Be sure to read!

Wow–this month has flown by and I didn’t get near as much spinning done as I had hoped, but I am so thankful for what I DID accomplish! I even was able to take on a new challenge of improving my spindle spinning skills which were sadly lacking and also have started spinning a sock weight yarn on my wheel that I hope to do a cable 4-ply with–it’s going to be a long spin since it’s so fine! So even if you didn’t get to spin as much as you wanted, hopefully it was more than you would have done if you hadn’t accepted the challenge to spin this month. And hopefully you’ve had some chances to stay in touch with what’s happening in Tour de France as well–I am so amazed at that strength and hard work that it requires for them to make it this far. It will be exciting to see who will earn the final jerseys!

Speaking of Jerseys, we are going to have several “jerseys” to give away ourselves! We have a lot of prizes that have been donated and even if you didn’t make it all the way to the end, you can still have a chance to win!!

Thanks to @DebbiRYarn and her creative ideas, here are the “jerseys” we’re giving away:

  1. Our final “Stage Winner” this week (3rd week drawing) will receive a gift of a bump of Finnish fiber, donated by @Callielw .

  2. Our “Green Jersey” will be a gorgeous Drop spindle created by our very own @RoadFindCotton and it will be able to be used as a top whorl or a bottom whorl spindle. (See pictures below) I have to admit, I’m slightly jealous of who ever gets this one–but I’m not entering any of the contests, so someone else will be the lucky winner! (I apologize, for some reason, I can’t make the pictures bigger, but it is a beauty!!) To win this, you need to have qualified for at least one of the 3 weekly contests we have held.

  3. There will also be a “Polka Dot Jersey”–and this is the consolation prize of more fiber, this one donated by @2manyyarns (Pictures to come) This one includes EVERYONE who spun at least 5 days out of the entire month.

  4. Then our GRAND PRIZE–AND IT IS AMAZING! This one is a SWEET Prize and to earn it, you have to have spun the entire event (with only 2 days of rest, just like the TdF bikers). It is a Lap Fiber Artist’s Blending Palette from @fancykitty of Fancy Kitty Products from She and I Designs! It is sold on their site for $149 and is a high quality product!! I know the owners personally and I know of the effort they put into making quality products, so the winner will be getting an amazing and generous prize!

So–be sure to sign up for each of these contests as you happen to qualify for them; the deadline will be Sunday night at midnight, July 28th, just like the Tour de France!! Also, I encourage you to do a challenge on the final Challenge Day, Friday, July 26th–and share what you did in the progress report thread! Happy Spinning!

[SIZE=16px]ETA: Thanks for keeping me on my toes! Here are a couple of clarifications:[/SIZE]
The deadline will be Sunday night, the 28th, CST, for signing up for each contest. (Adjust for your time zone please)

I will have a separate sign-up for EACH CONTEST so you may have to sign up for multiple entries. I will clarify each one in the description. The signups will be posted starting tomorrow some time, but the deadline is not until Sunday. Feel free to sign up for the ones you’ve already qualified for, but please don’t sign up until you HAVE completed the challenge.

blending board.jpg




Contest #3

What is the qualification for the green jersey? Am i missing it?

Thanks so much for noticing that!!! I corrected it in the main post. That will be a cumulative drawing for anyone who has qualified for at least one of the 3 weekly drawings.

Thanks for all the info! Can you clarify which time zone your are setting for the midnight deadline? Also, is that the deadline for qualified spinning, or the deadline for submitting our entries?:slight_smile:

Thank you so much, @rkennell! Will there be individual threads to sign-up for these challenges, or do we do that for all of the challenges in this thread? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Here is the 4 oz bump of light gray Finnsheeo roving I donated as a prize!

Here is the 4 oz bump of gray finnsheep roving I offered as a prize!


Yay! Thanks!!

Thanks for keeping me on my toes! I’ll clarify that. I think we’ll have it be the the deadline for submitting your entries, and it will be midnight CST (since that’s the time zone I’m in, just to keep it sane)

I think I will post an individual one for each challenge, so you might have to sign up for multiple ones if you qualify. Thanks for asking!

@rkennell Thanks for the details - that’s very helpful :slight_smile:

You’re welcome–I’m very new at this; it’s my first spinning event and I kinda’ jumped in with both feet!

@rkennell And thank you for jumping in with both feet - it has been a very special first event.

Thanks for clarifying! That means I qualify ! Woohoo!

@rkennell, Since you jumped in with both feet, I hope your wheel is a double treadle! Thanks for taking it on, you have done a “dandy” job!

@Spinningwheeler, It WAS a single treadle (Ashford Traditional), but I upgraded it to a double treadle and I love it! So Yes, I guess that’s typical of me! :slight_smile:

Thanks to the prize donors! It is a lot of fun just spinning with this group, but the chance to win such great prizes gives a little extra incentive! You guys are the best, as are your wonderful donations!

Thanks to @rkennell for leading the charge. I am so indebted. I’d been ignoring my wheels for far too long and this has me semi;) solidily back at it. Too bad I excelled more at wheel-buying (two :eek:) but I also FINALLY jumped into my first purchase for SE2SE.

Also thanks to all the donators of prizes! They have been covet-worthy, all.

Yay! So happy for you!