Spin de Fleece 2021 - Pre-Tour Chatter

[SIZE=14px]Hi All !

I know some of us are looking ahead at our calendars and seeing that the Tour de France is coming up! [/SIZE]

[SIZE=16px]This years dates are June 26 to July 18, 2021 !!![/SIZE]

[SIZE=14px]If you want more info about the Bike Tour, you can find it here.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16px]If you want to chat about the tour, or the spinning that goes along with it, feel free to chat here in this thread!
We can start to build the anticipation and plan out what we want to accomplish this year! :)[/SIZE]

Do you realize that tdf is only 7 1/2 weeks away? Have you started prepping your fiber ?

Do you have any new techniques you want to try?

What about quantity goals? Is there a minimum amount of time you want to spin each day or a minimum amount of yards to complete ?

Do we want actual prizes ? What do you think the prizes should be for? Random, or for meeting goals, or for ? ??

Oh wow–Char reminded me that this is coming up quicker than I thought! I had it in the back of my mind that it was in Sep-Oct like last year, but that was delayed because of the pandemic. So, yes! We need to get this rolling and I’ll be happy to contribute some prizes. I think last year we did like a weekly drawing, based on participation, and maybe also a special drawing for doing challenges? I’ll have to look at it. We can certainly switch that up a bit if there is a better suggestion. I have a batch of Shetland that needs spinning, so I think I will work on that this year!

Just finished drum carding 20 one-ounce batts of the same Shetland that I flicked in a prior Spin de Fleece. Looking forward to a sweater spin, hopefully most of it spun by the end of Spin de Fleece. As I’m aiming for consistency, I will try not to rush. Doing samples now, and I may start before June 26, but will use the Tour to stay focused. This is my second garment spin and the longest so far. I think setting one’s own goals is the best approach (in contrast to Spin Together, which is competitive), and I am willing to donate a prize, though I don’t think prizes are necessary. I like the idea of spinning each day of the tour except rest days, with flexibility to miss or substitute days or times. Also, I think it might be fun to be all on one team - just my opinion - easier to view everyone’s posts.

I thought perhaps we can do a google spreadsheet to keep track of everyone’s progress posts … I can come up with some guidelines and then we can get together and finalize what we want to do :slight_smile: I will work on this this weekend!

I haven’t ventured into the preparing my own fleece, other than some blending that I’ve done in a class or two. I do like the blending. I don’t like the cleaning of the fleece so much. Even when I get a dirty batt with veg matter in it, it’s just irritating to be picking it out as I spin. I love the spinning and blending, but not so much the cleaning! I think a sweater spin is so ambitious! I will be rooting you on, while I tackle smaller spins! :slight_smile:

That sounds great! Feel free to re-use any posts from last year, like rules, prizes, etc. and edit them to suit your needs.

@Spice2s I agree - it’s quite a process and kind of a whole other thing. I’m getting pickier and learning to say no. It is perfectly okay to draw lines in the sand as to how much prep to take on and I agree that picking out the VM while trying to spin is a drag. I’m learning about a few vendors that sell incredibly clean fleeces because they also spin. Next fleece season I will treat myself to one of those fleeces but for now I’m prepping what I already have.

Yay! A new reason to buy more fiber!!! I think it might be fun to have just one team, since there aren’t that many of us, (well, I’m not sure about that.) Anyway, I think it would help us support one another, and get less bogged down with following different teams/threads.

As we prepare for sdf, I have created a threadfor you to post if you want to donate a prize. You can find the thread here


I will join in for part of the time. I will be doing some traveling the beginning of July and don’t think I’ll have time to get the spindle out even if I bring it. I might though, I could use the practice on the spindle.

I have a spindle project that I started before I got my wheel … still not finished with the spindle project lol … But every once in awhile I get it out and do a few yards … it will eventually get done, right?

I would like to join in…last year my thumb went wonky on day 2 so I have done very little since then. My goal is just to spin whatever catches my fancy from my stash.

That’s great! I won’t have any volume goals, but I do want to do some spinning each day. Glad you will be joining us!

I’m in! Looking forward to some daily spinning to increase my consistency. Also, get my sadly neglected Nano out and have another project on the go for short out-of-town trips. My Big Challenge will probably be to get a floofy worsted weight yarn, and possibly become more comfortable (quicker) with chain-plying, and then there’s Long Draw…oh don’t get me started, I may not stop!

If I don’t forget, I would like to join this year. I am such a new spinner but I think I just need to practice to improve. I’m in the midst of getting my wool ready (also something I am just learning) so should be ready to go.

lol. too many goals ! lol. Really though, those sound like good goals. just maybe concentrate at one at a time? :slight_smile:

That’s great. Glad to have you here. Everyone started as a beginner.! What wool do you think you will start with?

[SIZE=26px]June 26th is just 36 days away![/SIZE]

It is a wonderful way to improve! I started spinning on a Nano last year, right before Spin de Fleece’20, and have only had my wheel since Oct. And if you ever need any help, I’m sure someone here can point you in the right direction or give you some pointers.