Special COVID-19 Opportunities

I thought we could use a thread for some pleasant announcements re: COVID-19. Do you love Andrew Lloyd Weber musicals? His musicals will be airing free on youtube. The channel is called: The Shows Must Go On. The show available now is Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Love this idea. Hope this is appropriate for this thread: No freebies but a very good thing:

We have Ring doorbell and several days ago someone offered to help out anyone who needed help, groceries or whatever between 3-5 every day. We live in a spread out community so neighbors are a relative thing and we don’t get to meet or see many. I thought that was so kind of this person.

Some people are just good people and adversity brings out the best it them.

I love hearing about people being kind to their neighbors. I saw on the news that some young adults (I think in NY city) offered to shop for seniors for free. They put out a call for volunteers and got thousands immediately. They were also reassuring seniors that they were being really careful and washing their hands and using sanitizer.

“Some people are just good people and adversity brings out the best it them.” Yes. Most of us instinctively run from danger, yet there are a few who will just as instinctively run toward it to help the afflicted. God bless the heroes great and small.

See the World While Social Distancing With These Virtual Tours
by Alexandra Schonfeld
March 18, 2020

While many still have to work from home, the question remains: What to do with the free time available when trips to the movies, a museum or the theater are out of the question? Here is a list of museums and other popular tourist attractions that have entire collections or performances available online.

The list includes: [INDENT]1- Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt
2- National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea
3- The Sydney Opera House, Australia
4- Sistine Chapel, Vatican City, Italy
5- Taj Mahal, India
6- Yellowstone National Park
7- Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
9- Ellis Island, New York
10- Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, Washington DC[/INDENT]