Space Saver bags for storage

Has anyone used the Space Saver Vacuum bags for long time storage of your stash? Wondering how wool and alpaca would respond after being stored this way?

I’ve not tried that for yarn. I usually keep a lot of mine in plastic storage containers. I do keep my bedding blankets in those storage bags without them being vacuum sealed. I also keep my car blankets and extra jackets in the storage bags in the trunk.

I’ve done this and didn’t have issues, but I just used the ziplock travel bags that you push out the air and close so it wasn’t super vacuum-sealed. In my opinion, definitely not good for fiber because you want the preparation to remain airy and fluffy for spinning. Same with yarn that is woolen spun, you might not want it really compressed because it’s meant to be airy, if that makes sense… Either way, giving a quick wash, dry and rest of a skein should bring it back to life if you squish it for an extended period of time.