Southern Louisiana (cont.)

If you were keeping up with TS/Hurricane Barry and Southern Louisiana with me on the other platform, here is an update and the final entry.

We are quite soggy down here, but all in all doing well. There was a large push of dry air that actually broke up the storm and decreased our chances of flooding to near zero! We did have a rough day yesterday with several tornado warnings and a couple that actually touched down very close to my house, but it seems very little damage came from those instances. The rivers that were already high and meant to have major flooding ended up rising only halfway of what was predicted. We did have a little hiccup with our pool draining and sewage backup into the tubs, but it was an easy fix (although quite gross).
I sure hope that everyone else in the path of the storm came out as well as we did. I would love to hear from others that were affected.
All I can say is God is good, all the time. Thank you so much for thinking of us and praying for us.


Glad you made it through ok. I have a newfound respect of storms and the people in their path since I was stuck in SWFL for Irma.
Best wishes to you!

Thanks, me too! We had a catastrophic event in Aug. of 2016 in which 90% of homes in my parish flooded. People are definitely taking storms and mother nature more seriously these days. A touch of PTSD was very apparent in the days leading up to Barry.

Bonus picture of some tornado producing accumulation about a quarter of a mile from my house.


Brave of you to be outside.
Wonderful picture though.
Glad all is better than expected with you.

Oh no, I was hunkered down with my family in our bathroom very much not outside. A member of my community shot this image and shared it online.

Glad the experts overestimated. Across the state line in Mississippi, we had a good bit of rain yesterday but Saturday was no big deal.

That is some scary looking weather!