Sorry, you are not authorized to view this page.

Again, I got this when I went to view notification/reply/post from one member. Others were fine.
I am signed in.

This keeps happening in our house and we are across the Atlantic.

Where do you live?

LOL! I went to look. You are in UK! I wonder if it is some glitch.

It has been happening all the time. It has much improved since we put DUCKDUCKGO on. Don’t ask me about IT etc but my oldest son is an IT prof and the telephone engineers are a bit baffled.

It has been happening to me as well - and I’m here in the US.

This happened to me on this forum because I wasn’t a member of a group that the post was in, and it went away once I joined the group. Maybe that is what’s up?

I don’t think this is a group that I made the post. I can’t find it now! Have a hard time to locate things here.
As I am typing here, just got message popped up …

  • An unexpected error was returned: 'The requested language does not exist, reset via tools.php.'

I keep getting one that says I’m not authorized to make a comment. Other comments are fine. I’m logged in, too.

I’ll take a look on the server logs, we’re running right at capacity on 1 of the servers I was going to make it bigger tomorrow morning since it will cause a small disruption but maybe I need to do it sooner.

I think when I make it bigger a bunch of people will have to re-login so I was trying to wait until as few people were online as possible.

We’re back, sorry for the interruption, we’re on much larger boxes now.

LOL! That was quick! I could not reply so I sent email.
Just disregard it.

Thanks Admin! I was having trouble as well, but it seems to be cleared up now.

I tried to log in, got the error message and was afraid Admin couldn’t deal with all our suggestions and quit!! :frowning:

Oh, please don’t let him think that is an option. LOL

Yes, once I joined the group, the message disappeared.

@Admin, I received a notification from a group topic. Im a member of the group, Sock Knitters United, and I receive notifications from this group every day. Today I received this message:

“You are not authorized to view this page.
Please try logging in or logging in as different user Login or send a message to the admin

I’ll check, this usually happens when someone deletes a post, it’s the downfall of allowing people to delete their own posts.

Yeah I suspect it was this post the notification would link you directly to the comment but if it’s deleted it responds with a not authorized response. :

Screenshot from 2019-08-19 07-10-12.png

Is the underlying system smart enough to know that it’s linking to a now-deleted doohickey, such that you could customize the content of the message that’s shown to “That <whatever> has been deleted”?