Sophie's Universe 5 Year Anniversary

The 5th anniversary of the Sophie’s Universe is coming up next month! Dedri of “Look At What I Made” will be hosting a new MAL during the month of July to celebrate.

Have you made any of the Sophie patterns? Did you start and never finish? (TexasPurl raises her hand)

Share your journey with Sophie here.


So, here’s the start to my Sophie’s Universe blanket. It will be smaller than her samples because I’m using sock yarn from my Heritage Sock stash. Just picking out colors as I go, no rhyme or reason to the color selection. This will be a great stash buster! And, I really like her pattern Instructions and the illustrations have made it easy to follow. This is after completing section 2.


Kathie, this is beautiful. I may give it a go. It doesn’t look too complicated. Right?

@Hellokitten, no it’s not too difficult - she indicates if you can get through the first 3 sections, you’ll know how to do the rest. I found the first two sections to be a nice doily-type challenge, again, the directions are great! She has yardage amounts for worsted, DK and fingering.

Impressive!! I love your color choices.


This is beautiful! I love it!!


wow. inspiring. thx for the pic.

You’re off to a fabulous start!

Oooooh, this is going to be such fun! And stash busting? Perfect.

@knitter131 That’s EXACTLY what happens to me and why I have so many UFO’s. I’m really trying very very hard to manage that condition but it’s sooo much fun, isn’t it? I can’t wait for the next rounds!

@pinesprairie, yes you are right. I’ve found it difficult to put it down. But I shall for a change of pace for a bit.

Sophie’s Universe, completed section 3. She suggests this spot to stop with one special row of crab stitch to use as a Mandala. I’m continuing on, as we begin to square it off.


This is beautiful!!!

I’m in love! And your random colors are working so nicely together.

Wow, so pretty!

I pulled the old girl out from the dusty WIP tote she’s been stored in since 2016. My notes indicate I started it in September 2015. Looks as though it’s time to find an ending point to complete it & call it done. It’s currently about 40 x 40.


Oh!! It’s beautiful and the colors are so bright.

I think yours is a couple of rounds further along than mine. I just finished the popcorn round. Looks beautiful! I wish I had a few more bright colors.