Something Similar?

I had a Favorite on R that was similar to this picture - I thought it had a name with either World or Traveller in it. Does it ring a bell with anyone? I liked it because it had so many different stitch patterns in it.

@annekepoot Looks like a Virus Shawl. If you do an search in your browser, you’ll find lots of links including video tutorials. Here’s one:

It’s similar to that but had, I believe, more different stitch patterns than Virus has.

@annekepoot Darn! Thought I had it. I do crochet, but maybe am not experienced enough to tell the different stitches at a distance. Now if it was knitting…

Anyway, that does look so familiar and if I come across something else similar I’ll be sure to post. I hope you find what you’re looking for!

@annekepoot Another suggestion…did you download your JSON from R? If so, that includes your favorites so you might still have the info.

Nope - hit delete and left - a wee bit of regret now and thinking that I should at least have written down some info on my Really Favorite Favorites!

Thanks - have a project on the needles now so I’m good for while - I’m mostly a monogamous knitter - I get stressed otherwise.

This one looks fairly similar.

Yes, it does look similar to the picture and the Virus shawl, but the one I’m thinking of had more differentiation in the stitch patterns. But thanks!

Was the Lost in Time shawl?

[SIZE=16px]Free Crochet Pattern Link – Lost in Time Shawl by Mijo Crochet[/SIZE]

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Or maybe the Ana Lucia?

Aha - Lost in Time is it - why did I think there were words like World and Traveller? Thanks so much, @BonBon The collective hive mind is alive and well here at OurUnraveled. Probably thinking about Dr. Who’s Time Traveller??

Yay! For some reason I always associate the Virus Shawl with Lost in Time and Ana Lucia. I think probably because they’re similar, and I had all three in my favorites, lol :slight_smile:

I love that Virus shawl, but the pattern seems only to be available on Rav, so I will pass unless it’s posted somewhere else.


And then there is this one with the actual pattern

Thank you for those links, annekepoot! :slight_smile:

Another suggestion. should you have the ‘image’ on your computer - you could always attempt to use “Google Images” search to find either ‘the source’ or ‘a source’ or at the very least, similar looking patterns.
It’s the only thing I use google for - the image search tool.

why do they call it a virus shawl?

Haven’t the slightest idea!

I’ve heard it’s called the Virus Shawl because of how quickly it grows. But I’m here to tell you that I’ve had this darn ‘virus’ for over a month, and I still have 300+ yards to go. UGH!

Similar to the “two hour baby jacket” or “one weekend queen sized quilt” that leave you wondering what you are doing wrong. (Or in the same vein as the “never fail cake” or “softest ever gingersnap cookies”.)