Some glitches

This is what I got clicking on “Groups” above “Search result already expired, please try a new search.”
And I am asked to sign in ( I am signed in) or contact admin if trying to get in stash swap even tho I was there before.

I repeatedly get this too. I’m not quite sure why. Logging out and back in again doesn’t help. Not just in groups either - it is in the forums too.

@stasher @Char Were you responding to a notification? I had the same thing happen yesterday after someone deleted a post.

I’ve seen this with deleted posts, the notification goes out but the post no longer exists. I’m not sure if there is anything I can do to fix it or not I’ll take a look.

IF either of you get it again can you paste the link you were trying to go to into this thread so I can track it down? I’ve been having a hard time getting specific links that are acting up.

@Admin I often get this when changing pages on the “New Topics” link. So I can sometimes get through 2 or 3 pages of topics and then I get “Search result already expired, please try a new search.” It often happens if I’ve had the page open for a while, but that doesn’t make much sense to me because I can click over to the threads just fine, just not get to the next page of the topics list.

Oooooh , ok I think I know where that setting is!! There is a cache for searches and it expires out after a time to save resources on the service, it might only be 1 or 2 minutes I can extend that out. Thank you that helps I think that’s an easy one.

Ok, it was set to 1 minute, so if it took longer than 1 minute to scroll through pages it would timeout. I’ve extended this to 10 minutes now, basically it will run the search once and hold the results for 10 minutes while you page through, if that’s not enough we can adjust more, the goal is to have it short enough to not use a ton of resources holding the results but long enough that people don’t his this error often or at all.

@Admin I think 10 minutes should be plenty.

FYI…See the screenshot for the problem :slight_smile:

Screenshot (82).jpg