Soft socks

I just have a general question about sock comfort. I just knit these socks with malabrigo and potions yarns dryad (which has cashmere) in DK weight and they arent rough, but they hurt the ball of my foot when i walk. Ive never done DK weight socks before, is this normal with a larger stitch? For comparison, i made some socks out of a scratchier wool in fingering weight and they dont feel this rough. Feels like im stepping on velcro! :disappointed:

@Snoogins - I have experienced that effect with a larger stitch which was too large for the weight of the yarn. It was like stepping on a fishing net! Unfortunately, a bit like the proverbial pebble in one’s shoe.

I think they may still be great as bed socks… to keep your feet cozy when sleeping.
Just change to slippers when you get up!

I use dk weight a lot for socks and haven’t noticed discomfort. What size needle are you using? Some people do prefer a princess sole (like princess and the pea) where you purl the sole.

I was comparing myself to princess and the pea earlier because this lol! I may try that. I will have to look back at my notes, but I think I just used a standard size for DK, maybe a 6?

So your sole would be reverse stockinette? I think my mom used to do that. She had neuropathy.

I had never even heard the term “reverse stockinette” until recently. I’m not sure if that is the correct term on socks. You do whatever pattern you want on the top of the sock and when you get to the stitches for the sole, you purl instead of knit.

@Snoogins - I would think a needle size 3 or so would be good for DK, so the needle size may also be the issue as @qfknit said. I think if 5 as a worsted needle size… unless you are a VERY tight knitter.

When you knit stockinette stitch, the wrong side of the fabric is reverse stockinette. So if you turn your ordinary sock inside out you would know how it feels to walk on the reverse stockinette. Basically, you would be walking on the smooth flat side of the knitting with the textured side facing out. To get reverse stockinette on the right side of something knit in the round, you purl every row on the stitches in question. I can see the appeal with a thicker yarn or if you have sensitive feet.

Well said, @KnitsWithHorses! Great description of reverse stockinette! :slight_smile:

@Snoogins I like my socks to have a really tight gauge. These socks are dk weight yarn and I knit them on sz. 1.5.



Holy moly! Really?! I may have to try going down a few needle sizes… i mean, the whole idea was quick knit socks, but im starting to see where thats not gonna happen the way i thought it would lol

@Char i may be a tight knitter bc i use 8s for worsted! :crazy_face: 6 for dk unless im knitting something like a stuffy, then ill go down to 3 or 4.

I have that same problem with crochet socks and I won’t even make them anymore. Maybe as someone suggested making the gauge tight. I use smaller needles on the heel and toe area because I always get holes there when I wear them in shoes. Maybe that helps with comfort. I would love to know how your experiments turned out. :smiley:

I use a 0 or 1 for most of my socks, maybe a 2 if I do a guy’s sock, when I’m using sock weight yarns. It takes forever, but it makes a wonderful sock, in my opinion.

My favorites are socks knit on 000.

Depending on the yarn/pattern, I use a size 1 - 3, but never larger.

Using fingering weight yarn, I knit on a size 00 (1.75mm) needles for socks. This gives me about 8 stitches per inch, and I cast on 64 stitches.