Sock Pattern request

Hello! I have created a sock knitting group (maybe you’ve seen our first informal knit along?), and I’m in search of designers of sock knitting patterns to take part in our future knit alongs. Ideally, it would be appreciated if the patterns could be free, at least during our knit along. This could potentially bring more traffic to your other patterns, hopefully lots of projects linked to your pattern (I am not sure if that will work with this site yet or not - but eventually?). Anyway - I feel strongly that I would like to keep patterns “in-house” for Our Unraveled designers. I am also interested in designers that might donate a pattern (or whatever) as prizes during knit alongs. THANK YOU!

Not a designer but I would be interested in your sock knitting group. How do I find it?

I sent you an invite to the group.

There is also a sock knit along happening in case you want to join in. :slight_smile:

I would be interested in joining your group I love to knit socks. I don’t have a pattern to donate but I could provide a skein of Hand Dyed sock yarn as a prize if that’s helpful.

@LizB - we just started a new knit along today!!! Please grab some yarn, needles, and knit along!!! There are three featured patterns or you can choose your own.

And I would graciously accept your offer of yarn for a prize - is it ok if I “reserve” that for the next knit along that will start in approx three weeks?

@Puddleglum I hope you join in as well!

OK I’m in thank you. Definitely “reserve” for the next knit a long…

@LizB - I am preparing for our next sock knit along to run from 8/23 to 9/12. Are you still able to donate a hand dyed skein of sock yarn? Do you have a method of choosing the prize or should I continue the way I did this round? Thank you so much for your contribution. It is so much appreciated.

No, I haven’t found any groups yet. Going to look now. Thanks!

@BaadWolfKnits here is a link

a lot going on in the groups. Hope to see you there.

I just joined here and missed the Kal, but am a pattern designer who’d be happy to help. I only have a couple of patterns at love crafts, as I took mine off of the other site and then lost them when my PC failed :persevere:. Won’t ever not back up again! Anyway if you still are looking for someone, please let me know :grinning:

Even if you PC dies, many times it is possible to recover content or some of it. You should talk to some IT tech.

@BaadWolfKnits yes! Always looking for designers. And never fear - we have sock KAL’s going on all the time. Jump in any time.

Have you found the groups yet? That’s where we hang out most of the time. :slight_smile:

Welcome! I can’t wait to see your designs!

@FreedomLover Thank you! I’m actually working on a new design now. :socks: Hopefully I’ll have it ready in the next week or so and will put the call out for testers! Once finalized I’d be happy to have it used for a Kal or donate for a Kal prize, if anyone would be interested.

Yay! I would welcome a pattern of yours in our future KAL!!

And I always take prizes - in case you have another pattern you are willing to donate. :innocent:

I try to do two prizes every KAL. :slight_smile:

@Char Do you have a Kal scheduled for October/November? If I can get it tested and all, I’m happy to donate for the Kal :grin: It’s a beginner lace pattern. Charted and written. It’s called Tea & Cookies, so maybe a holiday theme?

Sounds great! :slight_smile: Keep me posted on progress and I would be happy to test knit behind the scenes so it remains a secret if you would like. :blush:

@Char Thank you so much! That would be wonderful! I’m actually a little ahead of schedule, so I’m hoping to have it completed by the end of the week :grin: I’ll definitely keep you updated. Is there direct messaging? Might work better communication wise.

I just sent you a direct message. It is at the top of your screen. Should be a red 1 next to your name. :slight_smile: