Sl1 - Knitwise or Purlwise

My understanding (which could be entirely incorrect) is that Slip 1 (Sl1) means slip the next stitch on the left needle to the right needle knitwise unless noted. I did some lace rows on a shawl that way and it came out great.

Then, I was looking at some instructions where they had a knitting abbreviation key that defined Sl1 as slip purlwise unless noted.

What is the proper way to Sl1 if not noted in the pattern?

I thought it was slip it purlwise. Moving it purlwise does not change the stitch’s orientation, knitwise twists it.

I agree with @lovestostitch - if it doesn’t specify, it would be a slip as if to purl.

I’ve always understood that you were supposed to slip stitched purlwise unless otherwise noted. Like @lovestostitch said, slipping knitwise twists the stitch, and slipping purlwise doesn’t.

This is my experience with patterns.
If you are making a ssk decrease (like in most lace patterns ) the stitch is slipped knitwise.
If it is only a slip stitch and not part of a decrease, then you should slip it purlwise with yarn in back. unless otherwise noted.

Thank you everyone! I have been doing it wrong but at least my lace portion came out nice anyway. Hey, maybe I made up a new lace - highly doubtful but a girl could wish! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: