Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival

[SIZE=15px]Are you getting excited for the 14th[/SIZE]
[SIZE=15px]Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival? [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14px][SIZE=15px] [/SIZE][/SIZE]
[SIZE=15px]Are you hard at work planning your[/SIZE]
[SIZE=15px]Make It With Wool, Virginia! Entry? [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14px][SIZE=15px] [/SIZE][/SIZE]
[SIZE=15px]Looking forward to our classes getting posted?[/SIZE]
[SIZE=15px](we are still gathering proposals - See what we offered last year.) [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14px][SIZE=15px] [/SIZE][/SIZE]
[SIZE=15px]Excited for another free Friday night[/SIZE]
[SIZE=15px]sock knitting machine crank-in? [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14px][SIZE=15px] [/SIZE][/SIZE]
[SIZE=15px]Planning your sett (and costumes) for the[/SIZE]
[SIZE=15px]Fleece to Scarf competition? [/SIZE]

[SIZE=15px]Practicing your spinning for the competition[/SIZE]
[SIZE=15px]Sunday afternoon? [/SIZE]

[SIZE=15px]And don’t forget - we are the only fiber festival (that we know of) with an online juried fleece sale! [/SIZE]
[SIZE=15px]And of course, you can also buy juried fleece in person![/SIZE]
[SIZE=14px][SIZE=15px] [/SIZE][/SIZE]
[SIZE=15px]Don’t forget to share the event with your fiber friends! [/SIZE]

September 28-29


[SIZE=16px]Classes and Crank-In Friday September 27th[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16px]Open to the public[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16px]Saturday 10am - 5pm
Sunday 10am - 4pm[/SIZE]
[SIZE=16px] [/SIZE]

Fair Grounds
890 West Main Street
Berryville, Virginia 22611

Thanks for the reminder @BonBon . This one is about an hour away and I always forget to"save the date" so I miss it. I’ll put it on my calendar now!

I’ve never been, but it looks like a good one. I imagine that area must be gorgeous in the fall, I sure would like to attend this year!!

The crank in sounds good…maybe I can learn how to use mine.

@EllenDeKnitter same here! I’ve lived out here for 6 years now and I’ve missed it every year! Must make an effort this year!


Watch out. That online fleece sale is dangerous. Ask me how I know :slight_smile:

It’s even worse in person. I never saw so many fleeces in one place before.

I love this festival. I’ve only been once. I live in CA but my sister lives in Richmond VA. Soooo I visited her about 3 years ago and drove up by myself. It was wonderful. Maybe I can do it again this year.

Goodness, yes. I walked in to get the three I bought online and walked out with four… In my defense, I really needed that mohair for sock repair yarn.

Thanks for the info! It’s 2.5 hrs away but such a beautiful time of year to do a girls weekend!!