Shawl Make along

The days are getting shorter and it is starting to cool off where I am, which means it is coming up on Shawl season!!!

I love shawls that are not as “deep” down the back. I also like a one skein shawl. What is your favorite shawl?

Join me for a shawl make along now through October 31st. Let’s see pics and patterns!!!

My favorite shawls to wear tend to be crescent shaped. I like having extra width, but I also like a deeper crescent rather than a very shallow one. I’ve also recently rediscovered my love of top-down triangles. I quit making them for a long time because I was finding them difficult to keep on and didn’t love the point falling at my lower back. However, I’ve found some patterns for very large triangles and that works better for me. I finished one a few weeks ago that I really loved and took it with me on a trip. My friend that we were visiting fell in love with the shawl, so I gave it to her. I did get to wear it once. :smiley: I also love knitting sideways asymmetrical triangles, but I don’t find them as wearable as crescents.

I adore triangles, especially top down ones, but I am no longer feeling the love for light, lacey, complex patterns. I am now preferring shawls that are more substantial and functional rather than overwhelmingly decorative. That is where I “went wrong” in knitting ornate over function. While you can have both, I am no longer into shawls as jewelry.

I believe I am going to use this yarn. I had intended for socks, but now I am feeling like it should be a shawl. I have the “Close to you” shawl in my Dropbox so I will probably make that one. :slight_smile:


@Char Pretty yarn!! What is it? It kind of looks like some Ancient Arts yarn that I have in my stash.

@Char I just found their etsy shop! Added it to my faves.

Awesome!!! :slight_smile:

I like crescent shaped shawls, to wear either as shawls or as scarves. I also like rectangular wraps, and am working on a very simple one right now in worsted weight (Three Way Wrap), for extra warmth in my office this winter. I hope to make a Clapotis in sock yarn after that.

I’ll be working on finishing up “Fanged” by Lisa Mutch. (Scroll down on this page: Lisa has been adding many of her shawls to her etsy shop, but I have this pattern and several more of hers from “the before times”. I’m using Wendy’s Wonders SW Merino Gradient in the Chinese Lanterns colorway. I’ll try to get a progress pic up in the next couple of days.

I have a test knit going on as well - I’ll try to get a pic of that in the morning. This is a designer from Brazil I have worked with a lot and she kept my email. :slight_smile: I am trying to get her to come here… I think she may.

Those are some lovely designs. I see that Lisa Mutch also has her patterns on LoveCrafts.

@Carlota You’re right! I forgot to mention that her patterns are on lovecrafts. Quite often she very generously offers patterns free for a day or two (one pattern at a time). I’ve purchased several of her patterns, but also have many that she offered free for a limited time.

@knitterlady13 - I found the label this morning - sitting on my desk. Lol. Confirmed Alaskan Yarn Company.


@qfknit @lsmrcd We’ll hold the chatter here :slight_smile: Please show pictures!!!

@Char, Since I stopped in the middle of a row last night my shawl looks like a clump of yarn at the moment. Pair that with the lovely overcast sky I think something is hinting I should attempt a photo a little later. :smiley:

I love all odd shapes shawls, as I think they seems to knit up faster than a traditional triangle shawl. However I’ve been enjoying wraps a lot too. I am currently knitting fading point, with yarns I dyed (it’s so squishy yet sturdy!)

2019-09-12 10.04.14 1.jpg

2019-08-24 02.51.23 1.jpg

This is beautiful!!! Lovely hand dying!!!


That’s gorgeous yarn!

Here is a picture of the test knit I am working on. The cable edging/cast off panel is taking FOREVER. Hence the need for motivation.