Sewing handwoven fabric

Practice sewing last night. Hubby wanted a tool bag for his chair caning tools. He saw a test weave strip of fabric I had and liked it and asked if I could make him a narrow tool bag. His chair caning tools are rather small so the bag was easy to do. I am practicing for another project using my handspun, handwoven clothes fabric. Here are some tool bag variations I came up with late last night. The bags are from some all acrylic yarn I was using to do some adjustments to my counterbalance loom. The next pattern I want to try out is by Sarah Howard.




Very nice bags! I love sewing with handwoven fabrics. What are you planning for your next project?

The patterns by Sarah Howard are for a modest shirt sewn on the bias! You weave a very long panel, cut it into thirds, sew the panels together to get a wide width and then place the pattern pieces on the width of fabric as you would a conventional piece of fabric. Take a look at Etsy for Sarah’s pattern and you can see how she does this.