Sewing Clothing

I just finished sewing a skirt. The “pattern” was a purchased skirt that I took apart and added length and a different waistband to. The fabric was some old denim fabric I had supplemented by cannibalizing some jeans that I never wore.


The outcome is amazing!

That looks great!

This is an incredible idea! I would like to name it as DIY denim skirt. It could save some penny and a great way to remodel old clothes.

Thanks for sharing! I started sewing something like that, it was one of the ideas for outfits that I couldn’t find in any store. I saw a similar skirt, but it was pleated, and a lot of crinoline was used for it, so it wasn’t good for me. Anyway, I started sewing it, and I wonder how you did the closure? My skirt will be below the knee as I want to wear it to exhibitions on the occasion of the opening of a new branch at work. It will be loose-fitting but no less understated on that account. I used an old sketch from fashion magazines of the 90s to sew it, and I wonder if it can be combined with pockets and concealed zippers on the side.