September 2021 Sock KAL - CHAT

This is the thread to chat about our socks. Share pictures of your yarn and pattern ideas here.

Theme: Garden Harvest
This time of year is a busy time for gardeners as we continue with harvesting. Find a pattern that is related to gardening.

Color: The color of your favorite garden fresh fruit or vegetable.

Bonus entry: Post a picture of your socks in your garden next to the fruit or vegetable that inspired your color choice.

This month’s prize is a project bag!


Are you thinking about your September socks? I think mine need to be the color of the caterpillars eating my Petunias and Calibrachoas or the beetles eating my green beans!

What plans do you have for your socks?

Everyone around here had been having fits with these bugs in the garden. I was too ill to do a garden this year but maybe it’s done consolation that it would have been a huge pain in the backside. Lol I’m determined to get the greenhouse and raised beds set up this fall.

@KnitsWithHorses - Here’s a cute idea that would work with your already done green toes.


I think I could do that! That would make it more Halloween than harvest but it would be cute! Probably not on the current pair though as I only have enough of the orange for shorties.

Here is the start of my pumpkin socks. I think I will put green on the heel and cuff because otherwise I could run out of orange.


Looking good!!

These are so cute.

Thank you @DJM and @FreedomLover

I didn’t grow a blessed thing this year unless you count ginormous ragweeds so I guess I’ll try to go with some of my favorite garden fresh produce. I’m vegetarian so there’s a lot. Maybe I can knit some watermelon socks. :grin:. Or pumpkins! I love growing pumpkins! Maybe some children sized pumpkin socks for Pine Ridge! That could be fun!
​​​​​​ I’m still alternating other projects with knitting on hats for the sailors and I’m still not full strength but I’ll get at least one pair done, maybe more if I do children’s socks. I’ve usually already sent children’s stuff so I’m behind this year.

Pumpkin socks sound super cute.

I love the idea of pumpkin socks! Maybe I’ll have to check my stash for orange yarn!

One of the things I started in my “startitis” for last week was pumpkin socks. :grin: Haven’t gotten far and i am not using a pattern. Just made the toe green and using k4p1 on the foot in orange. Anyone have any opinions on the heel? I was originally thinking all orange but the toe but… It might just look odd?