Seller Advertising

Hi Sellers,

You might have noticed there are a couple of ad-blocks on the page now for seller banners. We have two levels - Top Banner ads are $35.00 per month, Sidebar ads are $25.00 per month.

Top Banner - 468x60px
Side Bar - 250x250px

The ads are flat rate, I will allow 12 “slots” for each ad, meaning if you have a sidebar ad you get 1/12th of the eyeballs that see that ad, top header ad, 1/12th of the eyeballs for the month.

If you’re interested in running an ad I can get you the dimensions for the different slots, you can e-mail me the banner and sign up for the subscription. Our goal is for this to be a low cost advertising method for our sellers to get some visibility without having to pay the high prices of facebook or google.

WHOA - Don’t look now but it looks like we have our first advertiser(s)!!! LOVIN IT!

Hah! Those are through an affiliate program but they are way better than the random ads. I’m going to work on adding more affiliates and fewer google ads. We also have a couple sellers that are working on getting ads put together for their stores. I’m excited to move to much more relevant content for everyone!

Ohhh - tricky! :slight_smile: But what fun!

Yeah, it’d be nice to have them as direct advertisers but the affiliate programs are pretty good, it’s more of a revenue sharing model. I’m trying to be selective and pick things that are actually useful to people!

Just another reason you are totally awesome!

I love and appreciate the transparency I find here. It makes me want to do more not less. Love this place!

my ad is not an affiliate ad and I am pleased to say that based on my stats - number of hits and orders placed - it has already proved itself as something to continue.

@ItsAllJustString that is wonderful!!!

Now that we’ve had ads running for a bit I’m happy to provide stats on views/clicks if people are interested in adding one. @ItsAllJustString has had pretty good luck so far and some of the affiliate programs have had good traffic.

I am interested in advertising. Will have to figure out a banner. Can I send Infor to you through messages on here?

@ElizabethClements is all setup with a fancy new banner!

I’m seeing Google ads on the right hand side - same size as the what I would guess are “our” ads. Is this something just coming on my computer or are these paid ads as well?

Those are Google adsense ads, if we get enough of our own vendors where I need to swap that out with our own ads I’ll do that. Currently we only have a couple advertisers from the site and some affiliate ads so those are a stable revenue stream.

I am interested in advertising.

Great! Would you want to do the smaller sidebar ad or the top banner section?

Sidebar, thanks!

What is fiberkind? I went looking for it but???

It’s us!! We’re changing the name to something that reflects where we want to go, rather than where we’ve been. The site and content will all remain it’s just a change of logo and URL (the URL will likely change tomorrow morning). All of the URL’s (vb.ourunraveled, ourunraveled and fiberkind) will all point to the community so nobody will get lost but the branding will be switched over!

Here’s our full explanation: