Secure Website of Free Patterns

Free Knitting Patterns website. This site looks very promising. The lace stitch patterns are beautiful. There also is a list of free knitting and crochet garments, etc. patterns. I haven’t had time to go through them all. Thought I’d share.…-patterns.html

Thank you, Lightning57. (Do you know of a way to stop the frantic gifs that are jumping all over the place? Very distracting.)

@Amore That’s odd…I’m not getting any gifs at all. What browser are you using? Do you use an adblocker? I think mine may be blocking that type of activity. I use Adblock Plus (available on most browsers).

You need to download Adblock Plus. If you’re on a Mac product there may be certain blockers that will work also.

I use Adblock Plus also and I’m not having any problems.

Thanks, Lightning57 and knitterlady13. I’ll look into that. But I do wish sites that use such annoying devices would realize that they alienate rather than attract a potential customer.

Thanks for the link to this site. Beautiful stitch patterns.

@Amore I agree with you. I hate the flashing or really any ad with motion. It’s super annoying and I’ll click away immediately. I also hate sites that are so littered with more ads than content…particularly online articles and blog posts that interject ads within the article text.

@Amore once you set up the blockers you’ll wonder why you hadn’t done it before now. I too can not stand to be constantly bombarded with any and everything vying for my attention. For any website that requires me to turn off my blocker I just leave and go elsewhere. I think most of them have the ads as a way to earn money.

You’re welcome.