Section Two - Finished thread

Please enter your finished objects here. I keep a spreadsheet of all of the entries, and the accumulated points. This is my first time I have tried this, but the hyperlink below should allow you to view the spreadsheet, track where you are, and make sure I have everything accurate. Points will be awarded as follows (one point each): [LIST=1]

  • Starting a project (date, pic of materials/tools before you start)
  • Finishing a project (pic of finished project - projects started before November 1st may still be entered, and accumulate a point for finishing the project)
  • Your finished item is a gift
  • Your finished item is a charitable donation
  • You used a pattern designed by a Fiberkind member (marketplace or not)
  • You feel like your finished item is large enough you deserve an extra point for an extra "large" project - please express why and it will be reviewed. I've been trying to decide how to "quantify" this and I can't think of a reasonable way. So - plead your case if you feel like you need to, and we'll go from there.
  • If you used a yarn from a dyer on Fiberkind [/LIST] You can post all of the information in one comment if you would like. Be sure to bring the "chatter" to the chatter thread for random drawings!!! Ooohhhhhs and Aaaahhhhh over finished projects are always awesome too.

    I look forward to seeing all of your works of art!

    Link to spreadsheet

    You MAY multi dip in other make alongs. :rolleyes:

  • My first project is a pair of socks for a friend.

    Start Date: November 1st

    Pattern: Chicken Tracks, designed by our very own @rollinge , available in the marketplace.

    Yarn:. Premier Wool Free Sock, in Red.



    As we finish our projects, if you can please put the points you are eligible for along with required photos (beginning photo can also reference a post in the chatter thread if you want) it will make things easier for me. :slight_smile:

    I am thinking if you list the corresponding numbers on your finished post as listed in post 1, that would be quite helpful.

    I will do a call out towards the end for those started but not finished in time so in progress points count. :slight_smile:

    Here’s my first project finished, it was a WIP from last month. A pair of socks going to my DSIL in New Zealand. Regia yarn, vanilla 2x2 rib, as that is his preference.
    I believe this makes me eligible for:

    #2: finished item
    #3: gift


    Wonderful - I am going to reserve clicking the “like button” until I am at my desk and able to update the spreadsheet. :slight_smile:

    This little ear warmer is part of a set (with socks and shawl) for a Christmas gift.

    I believe I am eligible for the following in this entry:

    1. Beginning photo: See post #22 of chatter thread.

    2. Finished photo - see picture below

    3. Gift? Yes

    4. Beginning photo:e p See post #22 of chatter thread.

    5. Finished photo - see picture below

    6. Gift? Yes


    #1 - Starting photo is #12 in the chatter thread
    #2 - Finished kid’s birthday gift tags
    #3 - Christmas gift for my daughter


    I finished these socks on Sunday.

    #1) Start 11/1 (post #10 in chatter)
    #2) finished 11/3
    #3) these are a gift

    total: 3 Points


    Today’s finished items - gift tags for adult birthdays, thank you and baby.

    #1 - starting photo is #12 in the chatter thread
    #2 - started and finished Nov. 6th
    #3 - Christmas gift for my daughter

    ETA: Decided to add a few wedding or wedding shower tags.



    They are really cool!

    I love these!

    Very nice!!! You are so creative!

    Two Dinosaurs in eggs finished. Going to work a bit on the scarf now then on to the Unicorn

    Dinosaur in egg fiberkind size.jpg

    Oh, lovin’ the adorable green dinosaur!!!

    Thank you.

    How fun!

    Hoping the boys like them. The Unicorn egg will be going to a girl.

    I have updated the spreadsheet through post 9. :slight_smile: If you see any mistakes, please let me know - I still haven’t woken up yet. :rolleyes:

    Oh yah - the link to the spreadsheet is in post 1

    Our weather forecast is for cooooold! Next Wednesday’s low is forecasted for 6 degrees and a high of 27. I don’t normally do my front porch pot of greens until Thanksgiving but I’m afraid my pot of dirt will be frozen solid. I’m fortunate to have a variety of mature evergreens so I take my garden wagon and go around snipping greens. I gathered Blue and Green Spruce, Yew, and Pine. The sticks are suckers from our Silver Maple. Since it’s a bit early for Christmas decorations, I put a fall bow in for now.

    Before and after:

    ETA: My porch is ready for the holidays! I just have to swap out the fall bows for Christmas bows after Thanksgiving. My dad made the wooden “coach” lantern for me years ago. He passed away two years ago so it is a special decoration. We get strong winds on our porch so decorations have to be heavy and I’ve had problems using it since we moved here. I persuaded hubby to fix the problem since it was a sentimental decoration. He built a bigger bottom and put an old round weight in it.




    Oh, that’s so pretty!