Sad Frogs

Hello everyone! This is my first post on the forums and I’m so glad to be here with you all!

I just wanted to share my current plight…please send any good vibes and well-wishes my way!

-unearthed two lovely skeins from my stash and remembered they were part of a ufo sweater from ages ago
-got really excited to reclaim the yarn for a new project!
-found the pieces & started frogging only to find, to my dismay, the project was double stranded
-and of course the two strands have been very diligently working on becoming conjoined all this time!

If it wasn’t such a beautiful yarn (and such a large amount of said yarn), I’d probably just forget about it. But, here I am, at least until my patience and sanity begin to waver. ::sigh::

Welcome to FiberKind @Jen IK , and, um, good luck!?!

@Jen IK I work double stranded often. When I frog something, I typically find another project to work double stranded because taking apart those two strands is a big and painful job. Not that I’m opposed to doing so…I’ve actually unplied yards and yards of single strands in order to create my own gradients/color-changing yarns, but again…it’s a lot of work.

ETA: Oh…and I don’t mean you need to look for another project that specifically calls for using 2 strands. I often just work a project using the yarn as it’s weighted doubled. I double fingering quite often to use as DK just because I have tons of sock yarn (not that I don’t also have tons of DK already!)

@EllenDeKnitter thanks, much appreciated!

@knitterlady13 yes, great suggestion! I was planning on using it for a larger project because there’s so much of it, but I just may have to rethink that! I got one sleeve frogged and separated so far, and the entire rest to go…I really like the sound of using it doubled instead. Thank you!

In the past I have been interested in the unplying and blending of strands that you mentioned. Maybe someday!

It’s definitely a lot of work, but also kind of fun to blend colors. I’ve done this a few times. Here’s one project that I made with part of a rainbow pack that had distinct color changes. I posted this somewhere else, but maybe in the original site, before we switched platforms a few weeks in.


@Jen IK Welcome! We’re so glad you found us, this is such a great community. Good luck reclaiming all that lovely yarn.

@knitterlady13 that’s gorgeous! Did you just ply a few yards of each of color changes together, work the single color, then ply again at the next change? I really like that effect!
As for holding double, I’ve got a few balls of goldenrod mohair that I have been wanting to use doubled with a thicker yarn to give a halo look to the project. Don’t know what the thicker yarn (or the project) will be quite yet, but I’ll know it when I see it, haha.

@FreedomLover thank you, everyone’s been great and so friendly! Never really partook in the social aspect during my 11 years “elsewhere”, but I’ve already learned a lot in my two days here!

Gorgeous, and rather ironic that you have frogs in this pic…I can’t tell if they are sad or not :slight_smile:

HI Jen…Welcome to the group and good luck with your yarn…it is yummy!!

@rollinge Ha! I didn’t even make the connection before! Neither of those are my frogs though. This beautiful piece was created by @knitterlady13 and I assume those are her frogs down there as well! If I can figure out how to post a picture, I’ll share my frogs!

@rollinge here’s my frog



Love the color, but I wanted to see a real frog!! Glad you figured out how to post your pics :cool:

@rollinge LOL! I hadn’t even thought about the frogs!

@Jen IK In the narrower sections I plied together about 10 yards of each color. As the piece got wider, I used about 20 yards of each. That meant unplying 10 yards of each and using 2 plies from each color for 20 yards. Fortunately I have a tall, open staircase and was able to hang the ends over the rail to untwist a bit before winding the two colors together. So, yes, I worked the combined colors, then worked a single color, then worked plied colors, etc. It did mean a lot more ends to weave in, but fortunately I don’t mind doing that.

That’s a beautiful dark gray! I can see why you’d want to reclaim the yarn.

This is a very friendly bunch.

I do love me some tedium, but I’ve only recently gotten over my opposition to weaving in. Well, getting better at it at least.

Ohhh, yes! Beautiful yarn @Jen IK! Crossing my fingers for you and your frogging project.

Gorgeous color - I love it!