Roving Regulars

If you have been spinning for more than 2 years, this is a great place to land. Share your progress, encourage others, get advice, and be willing to give helpful advice to others who are asking for it. You are welcome to join more than 1 group, so if you are wanting a challenge this time around, feel free to be a part of both the “regulars” and the “challengers”! Hop in and introduce yourself and what your plans are for this spinning season.

I am a regular, Been spinning for about 5 years. I plan to spin at least 30 min a day and twice that on the challenge days. Does anyone have a catchy name for our group??

I posted this (a few days ago) but it’s just a few that came to mind - I really don’t have any preference:
Okay, a few quick suggestions for names, beginning with PurlgirlButtons 's idea:
Rambouillet Regulars (only prob = hard to spell)
Romeldale Regulars (same prob)
Romney Regulars
Rolag Regulars
Rollicking Regulars
Roving Regulars

These all sound good, I would vote for Roving Regulars, but I’ll see what others like. Are you all set for tomorrow??

Roving Regulars sounds great! And count me in amount them. I think Rollicking has been taken for the Rookies. I hope to spin at least 30 minutes a day and I plan to also join the challengers group since I have a Shetland fleece I’d like to spin up and I want to finish it. But I am excited for this time to set aside to be intentional about spinning!

@crosstitchlinda @rkennell I’m fine with Roving Regulars - yay, I can’t believe it starts tomorrow - but I’m ready!

@rkennel if you want to change the header to Roving Regulars, that would probably be good. I haven’t heard from anyone else.

I neglected to mention that I will be co-moderating this group ( see what a lazy job I’m doing already).

I’ll have to get @Char to do that for us. I don’t think I can change the name myself, but I believe she can.

It’s not meant to be a stressful thing–just someone to connect with the posts being made and reply to comments when you can. :slight_smile:

And we’re off!!! Happy spinning to everyone today. I might have grands coming over but I’ll stop in every once in a while.

Thanks @rkennel and @Char for changing the name!

You are quite welcome!! Tag me any time you want. :slight_smile:

Hi! Lurker turned poster here.
I think I started spinning somewhere around 2011 or 2013–can’t remember–picked it up at an SCA event (Pennsic). I spin in-hand and if the fiber prep allows it, from a handheld distaff (Viking style distaff)–so my lousy fiber prep, if I wash a fleece, makes for really lumpy spinning. LOL.

Goal will be 15 minutes a day because I’ve really gotten lazy, coupled with moving and now being in a house that is perpetually under construction (UGH). I don’t have any fleeces right now–got lazy about that too–so will just use some of the tons of roving I have on hand…

Where do we post weekly results–here? Does plying count? WIPs? Thanks!!

Welcome! This is my first time so I’ll defer to @rkennell for how we post weekly results. I expect there will be a thread for that. You are always welcome to post progress in this thread.

Thanks! (are there directions anywhere on how to reply to a specific post ? I’m fumbling along here.)

To reply to a specific post, click on the comment button on the post. That is what I did here.

Here is a link to some general how-to’s’s-and-faq-s

I started my Tour de Fleece participation today. I am challenging myself to spin at least 20 minutes a day during the tournament. I might double that for challenge days. I have been spinning on a wheel for about 4 years. I see a huge improvement in my results, yet still have lots to learn. Here is a photo of what I am working on now. I am spinning it on my Ashford Traveler. It is merino top I bought last September when we were driving through Kentucky. I managed to plan a stop at the Woolery, where I bought this top. I hope everything else enjoys the Tour de Fleece


Welcome! I am glad I don’t live closer to the Woolery or I’d be spending all my retirement savings there. :slight_smile: I just bought an Ashford Traditional from them in May. (My old one went to my Granddaughter, it was my MIL’s and I thought the GD would appreciate it.)

Hi there Roving Regulars! I met my goal today, spinning some home-prepped roving for about an hour. I got 16 grams added to the current bobbin, finishing a section and feeling good about chugging along.