Rockin’ Rookies

If you are a relatively new spinner with up to 2 years of experience, this is a great place to come and be encouraged by other “rookies”. Share what works for you and what doesn’t, encourage or be encouraged if you get frustrated, and ask questions! Don’t be afraid to share pictures of what you’re having trouble with or what you’re excited to be accomplishing!

Hello! I’m Allison, and I will be the co-moderator for Team Rockin’ Rookies. I’m a new spinner so my goals will be modest: 30 minutes a day min. and an hour minimum on Challenge Days. I also hope to knit a little something with handspun during this time, it may just be a swatch sampler.
Please introduce yourself, share your SDF goals and if you have a better team name, please share suggestions. And let’s share a lot of pictures of our spins: the good, the bad, and the well, you know…it’s ALL GOOD!

I bought my first wheel and took my first spinning class two years ago at a fiber festival in Oregon. I have that Lendrum DT and my newest obsession, an Electric Eel Wheel Nano. I plan on spinning mostly on my Nano and my goal is to do at least 15 minutes a day.

Yippeee! Another Rookie Nano Spinner! At least I won’t feel like I’m talking to myself now!

Not alone at all! I love the portability and ease of the nano vs pulling out my Lendrum. It’s so much easier to get those few spare minutes each day that way.

I got my 15 minutes, plus some, in today. I started a new braid of fiber by Ashford, an 80% merino 20% silk blend. The silk is challenging. I’ve had to slow my nano speed (usually I’m going full blast) because it seems like this blend is prone to becoming overspun easily. The color is Juniper. I’m always amazed how the fiber looks compared to what it looks like spun up.




Beautiful! I haven’t tried anything with silk yet, that would be a good challenge, but I’m trying not to buy too much fiber!

Spins for Sdf day 1: 1st time spinning Polwarth. I am very very happy with this fiber from Banshee Fiber Art Studio. I might be spinning it a little too thin?




@PurlgirlButtons good for you. I really didn’t need fiber, but once I spun a skein of purple and pink the idea for a So Faded sweater popped in my head and wouldn’t leave. I didn’t have anything else that would be close enough to match.

It looks good to me, such pretty colors! Maybe a little more twist in your singles but if they are holding together then I think it’ll work out great once it’s plied.

No such thing as too thin – says someone whose favorite yarn weight is fingering !! Just ply carefully so it doesn’t break.

This is gorgeous!

The colors in this are stunning.

Day 2 spinning. I finished my first bobbin of singles, 33g. I’ve divided my fiber into thirds for a traditional three ply. I like how the color is looking and the silk is adding a really pretty sheen.


I love your pink bobbin! Is that from another company? I tried bobbins from another company and they seemed rough on the tension band.

This is very pretty.

Lovely. Matching bobbin too - nice going! I agree about comparing the roving to the yarn - it will usually look different to me on the bobbin than in the braid. Often it looks darker, and more heathered, depending on the dyeing.

Yes this bobbin is from Snortimer’s Hub. I didn’t like it near as well as the originals, but this was my first time trying them out. I have three and after spinning on this one I went back to the original ones. This one made a horrible clacking noise, put my old ones back on and they are super quiet. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the pink ones, they have threaded ends so for sure they won’t pop apart.

@Carlota, I’m not sure how different this will look when it’s plied. I’m hoping for a somewhat solid color but no matter what it’s going to be beautiful!

You could also do a three ply. I think it depends on what you intend to make with it. Now I’m going to have to check out the Banshee Fiber Art Studio. Nice color.