Repair help

Can anyone suggest how I can repair this, or even if it can be repaired. I knit socks but have never tried to repair anything. Thank you for any suggestions/help. This is a lap afghan.


This will not be fun, but depending your patience level, you can do it!

The best advice I can give is to pass on TECHknitter’s blog post on the subject of fixing errors at the edges of your knitting: Now, this isn’t exactly your situation, but there are similarities enough that her post should give you some good ideas.

(Normally I would caution readers to sit firmly in their chairs and to swallow any mouthful of beverage they may have before clicking that link, as the pic at the top of that post is rather alarming. But as your pic is rather alarming, the warning seemed unnecessary. :rolleyes: )

A couple things I would do before starting: [LIST=1]

  • Figure out which edge is the cast-on and which is the bind-off. It will be [B]much[/B] easier to make the repairs if you work the new partial rows in the same direction (bottom to top) as the rest of the FO.
  • I would probably make the area to be repaired a single large rectangle by raveling all the involved rows to the same point, rather than trying to repair each individual row. Worst case, you make a new rectangle in pattern, then sew it into place. Worst worst case, you sew down the raveled edge with a sewing machine and just cut the mess off. Less than ideal, I know, appearance-wise, but infinitely simpler and quicker. [/LIST] Before you do anything with this FO, though, make up a decent-sized swatch (doesn't have to be the same yarn) of garter stitch the same width as your edging, then replicate the type of damage on your FO. Then try repairing your swatch, to get a sense of what you need to do and how to best go about it.
  • In a situation like this I would most likely unravel the damaged border part only, then pick up the ten or eleven stitches of the border and knit and attach the border as you go. Basically, the famous 10 stitch zig zag throw method.

    What an excellent article you linked to, @ilexedits !
    I know I will be making future visits to that site.
    Thank you.

    Thank you so much. I do have patience and I would like it to look good, so I will soldier on and only see down edges when I give up, which I don’t like to do.

    Please Please post after picture so we can all be inspired.

    I know the repair is possible I but I also like to see how they turned out.