Regarding the Reddit or Ravelry complaint you may have seen

FiberKind has been dealing with an issue regarding someone complaining about a DMCA Violation (i.e. Copyright). FiberKind takes copyrighting very seriously, and I feel the need to share our position.

The author of the Reddit post is complaining both on Reddit and on Ravelry platforms in multiple groups, and possibly other platforms. FiberKind has complied with all requirement of the DMCA complaint. FiberKind supports our user and appreciates the amount of time, expertise, and willingness to share this user has put into FiberKind. She is known to be a very giving, sharing, and pleasant user of FiberKind.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to ask me over private message or email at

This is the link to the Reddit post:…eb2x&context=3

Here is FiberKind’s response:

As an Administrator of FiberKind, I want to assure all readers that FiberKind takes copyrights very seriously. I encourage everyone to look at every screenshot that the author of the above post has put out there for your review and make your own decision.

One of this subredit’s moderators has made an accusation against FiberKind I feel it necessary to address. As we all know there are two sides to every story. What the author of this post isn’t telling you is that there was one post that was copied and pasted from the author, and the FiberKind poster has written permission to share the post. The author was in fact credited, however there was a type error between a -(dash) and an _(underscore). We did not substitute a completely different username as the author is claiming. I am the first to admit I have made similar mistakes, as I am sure many others have as well. The author of the complaint also indicated it was not linked back to the original reddit post. It was in fact was a clickable link with a simple title that took the user directly to the original post. Due to the complaint, the permission to share is considered retracted and the post in question is no longer an active post.

The other issues that the author contends are copyright issues are in dispute. First I must clarify that the author of the complaint and the FiberKind user worked together on the Reddit Stitch of the Week Series. They each shared their own tutorials and pictures on different, age old stitches and how to create swatches for these stitches. The FiberKind user was freely sharing her own expertise of these stitches, and giving of her time to ensure Reddit and FiberKind users could learn and create from her knowledge. The main issue in question appears to be the author believes that the idea of a “stitch of the week” is copyrightable. If this was the case, this entire subreddit would be a violation. A simple google of “stitch of the week” confirms there were many stitch of the week series long before this series ever was thought of or began. FiberKind’s user did use the term “Stitch of the Week” and shared tutorials on many of the same age old stitches that were posted on Reddit. The stitches are not unique to the author of the complaint, and like other crafts often have the same terms to describe certain aspects of stitches. FiberKind eliminated the title “Stitch of the Week” to appease the author of the complaint, even though we do not agree that this idea was copyrightable. We have since determined that there is no appeasing the author.

The author also believes a user cannot take his/her own post and paste it on other social media platforms. The FiberKind user did in fact share her own work on both Reddit and FiberKind. A lot of people on Twitter and Facebook would be in trouble if this was not legal, all the way up to our lawmakers, right?

We have addressed all of the issues in the DMCA Complaint and our website host is allowing us to return the content to our website effective August 24, 2021.

Thank you for reading my reply. I look forward to having you join us on FiberKind.

Administrator of FiberKind

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