Reading the work of Judy Graham, knitter to the stars

I thought this may be of interest… Judy Graham evidently made a nice career of knitting items to appear in movies, on TV, and more!

Here are a few links which highlight knitting, and one to a children’s book she mentioned authoring.

  1. website: Knitting Tips By Judy -
  2. blogger: Topaz Knitwear -
  3. YouTube: Knitting Tips by Judy -
  4. Senior profile - Judy Graham, Senior Knitter for the Stars | Nixon Business
  5. Children’s book: Bird’s Eye (1981)
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I’m looking forward to trying Judy’s Graham’s free pattern for a One Row Scarf.
This reversible scarf pattern is easy to memorize, as just one row repeated both on the front and back of the scarf. It has an interesting, elegant texture… light and open, almost lace-like (or cables-and-lace, as the stitch design forms soft columns).

  1. One Row Knit Scarf - ONE ROW KNIT SCARF - YouTube
  2. Easy 1 Row Scarf - EASY 1 ROW SCARF - YouTube
    and a horizontal keyhole version
  3. Horizontal Keyhole Made In Just One Row - ONE ROW ANYTHING STITCH KEYHOLE SCARF - YouTube

Written pattern: CO a multiple of 4, plus 2; (k2, ktbl [through back loop], p1) to last 2 sts, k2, turn. Repeat until tired, as EZ says.

Looks like an excellent waiting room/boring meeting pattern to me! I have a couple of simple scarves going for such times but they’re still more complicated than I’d like. I’m about to finish up one of them so I think I’ll try this for the next one.

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Thank you for this info.

I like this pattern. Nice, easy to remember, and most importantly easy to pick up again when I forget where I am from one stitch to the next.