Raw and Unspun Fibers

This thread is for our sellers to list their raw and unspun fiber for sale. Please provide a link to your own website, or your pattern at etsy, lovecrafts, etc where purchasers can find your fiber for sale.

I recommend using the following format:

  • Share a picture – everyone likes to see what it looks like
  • Link to a website where your fiber can be found
  • Other information you would consider important
  • USE TAGS! It may help folks find your fiber easier

We make top & top blends, and I personally test them all to make sure they spin easily. The goal is for it to basically spin itself.

There’s the top that we make from scratch, like rambouillet & Chiri Cloud 80’s/rambouillet. Also commercial top that we reprocess to open it up so its very easy to spin from, like our 18.5um merino. Some hand dyed tops, like polwarth/rambouillet & merino/rambouillet. And a very wide variety of blends from the luxurious workhorse mixed bfl/rambouillet to 14.5um merino yak with either brown yak, light brown yak or white yak. And cellulose blends like black diamond bamboo/faux cashmere or pearl/seacell/angelina. Too many to list here.

There’s also our Chiri Genesis roving as well, made from the parents of the alpacas that make our Chiri Cloud 80’s top. The only difference is that the Chiri Genesis is 20-24 microns, not the 17-19 microns of the Chiri Cloud 80’s. It’s still just as uniform.

You can find these under Mainely Tops, Mainely Blends or Hand Dyed Mainely Blends in our mill store. The top is available in 1oz, 2oz, 4oz, 8oz or 16oz sizes. Chiri Genesis is available in 3oz balls.