Ravelry and Reddit

To see FiberKind’s official response to the Reddit and / or Ravelry topics you may have seen.

If you have any questions, please let me know. :fk:

FiberKind Response

I want to take this opportunity to thank @Char for the work she’s done to respond to the allegations made in this complaint. :fk:
She’s been the voice of reason and the picture of professionalism through this process.

I can assure you, all the content in the “Tunisian Crochet” thread is my own work and the photos are of my own projects.

I appreciate all of your input in the individual threads and hope we can create more in the future.


I just read the link explaining what was going on and I have no words. I just can’t with people these days. I want to thank both @Char and @TexasPurl for all the effort you each put forth. I’m so sorry that y’all had to deal with such unjustifiable conflict.
ETA:. I didn’t click through to them Reddit thread. I got the general idea already and I don’t have a reddit account anymore as I stopped using Reddit quite some time ago as it has become yet another toxic environment.

Here’s my response to this whole thing. (See link below)

Well said, Natalie!