Random Acts of Kindness

During this time of unease & change, I feel we need to hear about those random acts that remind us of the kindness in the world.

I’ll start!

I live in a small community of 30 homes. The families living here go from newlyweds to retirees. Yesterday, my sweet neighbor & her 2 children (ages 6 & 2) were out for a walk. I was standing at my front window as they were passing & waved. The next thing I know, they’re at my window pressing their hand on the glass. I held mine up as if to touch theirs. It was such a happy gesture! The kids faces lit up! Just a reminder of how people can make a difference. :fk::fk:

Now go wash your window. No, seriously, that is so sweet!

We live in a small rural community. But people in Texas are the best, from my experience living there years ago.

A group of teachers in our area did a drive by parade for their students. I thought that was pretty cool.

We live out in the country. We might be able to shout from our front porch and no one could hear us. Cornfields to the right, cows to the left. :slight_smile:

That is totally so awesome!! How precious!

Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.

Sorry, couldn’t resist. :wink:

@FreedomLover - yay - you are singing with me! :fk:

So, I’ve been trying to mail a package now for more than a week. We mail our things at the one grocery store in town. Our time to get groceries is 6-7am and they no longer staff the post-office counter until 9am. It doesn’t seem right to go back just for that so my package has been patiently waiting for…something.

Today our mailman came all the way up the drive to deliver my mail and a package. My DH asked him if he could mail my outgoing package and he said sure. After explaining we didn’t know the postage, he simply said “Oh, I’ll just pay for it.” How nice! (He’s a sweetheart anyway). ~Of course, we gave him enough to cover and some extra for his kindness~

God bless all these front-line people who are enabling us to stay safe in our homes! If you know some, please pass along a big THANK YOU!

People are restoring my faith in humanity.
Well, at least some people…

This warms my heart! What a wonderful person!

So, guess what I found when I went to get the mail today.

My receipt and the change! I’ll have a little fun figuring out something nice for him…

I’d like to buy that man a drink (or hot beverage of his choice)!

@EllenDeKnitter that’s a great idea. I’ll have to figure out a way to get him to take it though! It was so nice of him and absolutely made my day.

Is there a way to sing his praises to his supervisor or on local social media?

I got to see an amazing thing yesterday. We have grandtwins who are in kindergarten and the schools have been closed for the last two weeks. It was just announced that the schools will remain closed through April so the teachers arranged a parade with the help of the Sherriff’s department. They decorated their cars and drove through their students neighborhoods waving and calling out “We miss you!” Both of my grands’ teachers saw them and addressed them by name as we all waved. A neighbor who doesn’t have children came out to see what was going on and said it made her cry. The kids absolutely loved it.

Just awesome!

It was fantastic, I had tears in my eyes the whole time.

It really does touch your heart, doesn’t it?

@FreedomLover - that’s what came to my mind, too!

Yes, a salute and a prayer to our postal workers, truck drivers, garbage collectors, and more… the hidden backbone of our country!