Quilting tips

I thought I would start a tips for quilters thread. I have been sewing, but still consider myself a new quilter. Share any tips for new or seasoned quilters you might have!

One thing I heard of when watching a Missouri Star Quilt Co. video (and there is so much I have learned!) is regarding slipping rulers. Put some first aid tape on the back sides - it works wonderfully!!! My tape is 1” wide. I placed it so it lined up at the inch markers where I could so it didn’t skew lining up my edges.

It works so much better than those plastic or felt dots. Game changer!

(so we all have that roll that probably shouldn’t be used for first aid any longer or is it just me?)


I certainly do! I LOVE watching MSQC videos, some day I will visit in person.

@FreedomLover - I hope to go as well. Sooner rather than later. :slight_smile: