Quilt Group?

Should we form a group - I am not really clear about how the forums will differ from the groups and if a group is needed? Any ideas?

[SIZE=14px]I’m confused about that myself… the difference between forums and groups, I mean. [/SIZE]

@Mjoans I don’t know. Having a dedicated space in the forums kind of feels like a group to me, and I really appreciate quilting being included in this way.

Well we can always start a group if necessary. I think a group would be helpful if we wanted to break down into more specific techniques. So…maybe a group for paper piecers, or a hexie group. But I personally, at least so far, kinda like all the quilting stuff here in the forums. I am interesting in ALL forms of quilting, so like seeing and reading everything!

One of the differences that I’ve discovered is that the forums are viewable by anybody on the internet. Groups are only viewable by members of OurUnraveled.

Oh, that is interesting! I think we are fine here but that is good to know!!! Thanks

Think of the forums as a more general place to meet - with lots of topics to be started = things of general interest - tips, event info, or pretty much anything you want to talk about

Groups, can be many things - A pattern author or teacher may wants a private group to support those who buy their patterns or have taken their classes

Groups can also be, to put in “Guild-like” terms like a Study Group with a primary focus, Art Quilters, Baltimore/Applique, Log Cabin -

Groups might also be where a local guild has a private group for its guild members.

And yes, at this this time the forums can be seen by anyone, but it is my understanding that @Admin may be reducing what can be viewed by those not registered as members of the site.

One of the reasons I’ve left the main forums open is it will help the site grow, people can “try before they buy”. It will also help us show up on search engines for more search queries. The main forums like Wheat said should be general information, discussion, sharing tips and tricks, lots of other odds and ends. people shouldn’t share personal information they wouldn’t want out on the internet.

We can always re-evaluate in the future if it’s causing specific problems, so far it hasn’t seemed to cause any issues but we do get a lot of guest visitors browsing the forums, hopefully people that will consider joining at some point.