Question: Where do I see a link to my profile etc.

Just joined and trying to figure out this forum by the way thank you for creating this.:wink:

@HappyEndings Welcome! Your username should be in the upper right corner, at least it is on my laptop.

Thanks for the reply but I don’t have one any where am I missing a tool bar or something.:frowning: All I have is the search option on the top right.

Hi Happy…I have included a screenshot of what you should be seeing at the top right of the screen…If you are still having an issue, feel free to message me and I will try and walk you thru it. Diana

Screenshot (76).jpg

Ok, I finally see it and got your message but I couldn’t respond back on your message for some reason.:eek:

So, you should see my message on the top bar in the messages drop down. When you click on my message, does it open? And if it does, you should have a comment box below my message which allows you to respond. If none of this works, it could be something in your settings.

This is what I have below your notice: Requests Preview, [B]Notifications Preview

So what am I doing wrong.:([/B]

please tell us what kind of device you are using and what browser
i.e., Desktop, FireFox 52.9.0 -
or ???

also moving this to Tech Support in hopes of getting you squared away sooner.

Got it fixed thanks for the help:)

It was by your original message but now I see you have to select the subject line to reply. Thanks again for all your help!!!:smiley: